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Calling: Apple TV - Iphone/Ipod Touch - Remote - users!

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Greetings one and all and thank you for looking at this...


First off, just bought myself a shiny new 2nd gen Apple Ipod Touch... lovely toy and indeed the funniest ipod ever!


Am yet to buy Apple Tv (saving the pennies)


Installed the Apple Remote app


Synced the touch to my itunes on my mac no problem...


but here in is my concern.... i get no Cover Flow when I play music this way....


My concern of course is this also how Apple TV works?


I bought the touch on the notion that I could do Cover Flow on the Touch to the music that I plan to store on the Apple TV!


Also I noted that I only get one album at a time to play via the Remote app, and not the entire playlist... i.e. I would like to play music non stop as listed in the playlist.


Hopefully this is just how Remote works via my Mac's itunes!


Any insights?


Many thanks!




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Ditto for my coverflow. It only shows the first album in the library when being control via remote. I figure that's just how it works ...


There was a setting my wife accidentally hit that caused that some issue for us. Even with shuffle on it would only play one album at a time. Try touching a playing album and at the top there is a little line type menu that you can select shuffle or play options. See if that helps - going from memory here ...


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Hmmm...I was holding off buying an iPod Touch until the new gen and/or price drop (in other words until about now), but not doing coverflow is a real bummer. I think coverflow is pretty cool. (Although a pain in the posterior with compilations.) And the one album at a time thing is sort of worrisome.


What about the original software player in this game - Signal from Alloysoft? Their web site seems to indicate that they do coverflow. And I wonder about their multi-album play capability. Any Signal users left around here? Any opinions as to whether Alloysoft will survive now that Remote has been released?


I have a second Macbook that I use as a Big Remote Control via screensharing, but I was looking forward to the handy little Touch.






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Perhaps I should ask a clarifying question here. It sounds like you can't get the coverflow View on the iPod Touch itself while using the Remote app. However, if the iPod Touch is controlling a Macbook (which in turn is putting out video to my TV), can coverflow View be up on the Macbook screen (and TV)? Or do they all have to sync'd into the same View? If so, then that's not so bad. If not, then still unfortunate.





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Well, when in doubt ask an Apple Genius.... urk!


Better yet, I suggest that all user's of Remote head off to http://www.apple.com/feedback/

and select either the Touch, iPhone, Apple TV or iTunes. ( I chose Touch) and Select Product Enhancement.


Write a nice praising we love Apple opening and then get into how much you desire to have Cover Flow and Full Playlist all album control when using Remote on iTunes (via Mac/PC and Apple TV).


The more of us that do this, the more likely Apple is to do this.


Please tell your friends, co-workers, girl scouts, and space alien's you meet to do the same thing.


Revolution's happen with small beginnings!






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I'd like to ask my questions again - I got to thinking that I might not have been very clear, or my questions might have seemed only rhetorical.


Regarding the lack of coverflow, if I use an iPod Touch with the Remote app to control my Macbook server (which in turn feeds its video to my TV), will I be able to keep the coverflow View going on the Macbook screen (and likewise TV)?


Also, did Signal do coverflow and was it better at playing multiple albums?






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Hi Tim - Thanks for asking tis one again! I don't believe you will be able to keep cover flow going once iTuns is controlled by the Remote application. the Remote app creates a playlist and automatically switches the screen to the playlist view. Kind of a boring view if you ask me.


The Signal question, hmmmm. Can't remember off the top of my head. I can check it out when I have some time. You may be able to download a trial version and access it with another computer's web browser if you don't have an iPod Touch handy. Accessing it via web browser is all Signal does as well.


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Here's a blurb from Alloysoft/Signal's website:


>and for iTunes users Signal already offers features that the Apple product lacks such as the ability to queue up tracks, view internet radio station info, and automatically fetch album art.<


I might take your suggestion, Chris, and download the demo and see what it does.


On his blog he sounds like he is going to hang in there and continue developing his product. But, I think we all know who the 2 ton gorilla is here. I wish him all the best, though.





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