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MF V-DAC sample rates

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Hello everyone,


I would be very appreciative if anyone has definitive information about the maximum sample rate supported by the Musical Fidelity V-DAC over coaxial SPDIF. Unfortunately the V-DAC manual is silent on this. The chipset employed (BB 1792) supports rates up to 200khz per its spec sheet, however some say the V-DAC can only handle 96khz while others claim 192khz. Is there anyone who has verified it does 192khz without some kind of truncation? Thanks for your help.






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Hi Headphickle - Musical Fidelity told me the coax S/PDIF can handle up to 192k and the TOSLINK 96k. However if you want to have the best chance of truly hearing/exploiting 192k material, the new M1DAC is the way to go. Both coax and AES go to 192, and the power supply and analog output stage are much more elaborate.


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