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MTV: The Year The Music Industry Broke

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....but they have certainly been treading water for some time now. Many artists like the new possibilities coming online. I am hoping that with more control over the product release, that they TAKE more control over the product quality. Ultimately the artists and their network of artisans are the ones who will hear the audiophiles' plea for better sound quality than 16 bit / 44.1 KHz audio. ..... or MP3.


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Great article from Wired (so far..)


Oddly enough, somehow I missed it until just now after getting home from work. MAN! It has been a month since this was put up here & no one else has commented?... I wish I HAD seen this at that time, from what I have been able to read and listen to in the last few minutes. I should have some time to actually look this in-depth in about 9 days & I'll probably sleep through that 10th day... , DANGIT! Work commits U C..... :(


All I've seen so far rings very true to what I know of and have heard in 'the biz'. I like the way 'it' is broken down logically - in some ways I hadn't really conceived of before too. I love it so far - THANK YOU (again) CHRIS- and I'm also glad that D. Byrne decided to not "Stop Making Sense"......



Meanwhile: There really is another way to do the music biz (instead of having it always do YOU). One good way to find out about that: http://sxsw.com/ and for a look-see at what happened there last year: http://2007.sxsw.com/coverage/video/


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