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Tape 2 PC Anyone?

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If anyone is interested in preserving their old cassettes, here you go.




ION has created a revolutionary USB dual cassette deck allowing you to convert your cassette collection to CD or MP3 with included recording software. (NO SPECIAL DRIVERS NEEDED).


TAPE2PC comes bundled with EZ Tape Converter by MixMeister, which converts your audio cassette recordings directly into iTunes. In just a few mouse clicks, you'll be up and running with digital versions of your tapes.


Upgrading your favorite recordings has never been easier.


Key Features


* Quickly transfer music on your tapes to MP3 format on your computer!

* Dual dubbing cassette deck

* Plug & Play USB audio interface no drivers needed!

* Metal and CrO2 tape selector

* PC and Mac compatible

* Audacity (Mac and PC) and EZ Tape Converter (PC) recording software included!





* USB Cable

* Stereo RCA Cable

* Software CD

* Quick Start User's Manual



Computer Requirements


* PC

o Windows XP or Vista

o One available USB1.1 port or higher


* Mac

o Mac OS9 or higher

o One available USB1.1 port or higher









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My easiest and most sucessful analogue to digital transfers so far have been of the the Cassette to Computer variety. No phono preamp needed. .. I have PILES of these tapes. If I ever get a properly adjusted reel-to-reel machine again, I expect that to be just as easy to accomplish. - I already have a great Tascam cassette machine & it connects 'quietly' to any soundcard I have run across.


It occurred to me yesterday that that is what we did 'back in the day': transfer vinyl to tape in order to preserve the vinyl and avoid further damaging the record's surface. The two formats (vinyl and mag tape) are quite similar sounding -IMO. SO..... perhaps that is the answer for the folks who want a great (but not so quick or easy) way to get their vinyl into the digital domain..... The taped copy would give you extra (not as damaging) tries at the successful analogue to digital transfer while giving you a path to be able to avoid or identify some of the inferior A/D converters on these new 'convert your library to digital!' machines that are rapidly becoming available out there. Extra steps anyone?



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I do have some cassettes that I've transferred to the computer. Some music I like never appeared on LP.


I use the same basic system for this that I use for LP transfers. Central unit is the Alesis Masterlink ML9600 hard disk recorder that will record the audio at 24/96, allow basic editing, and then make a Redbook CD. It has very good analog-to-digital converters.


I think that those who want to transfer LPs or cassettes to the computer need to look carefully at these devices, considering their prices. I have yet to read a review of any of them, USB turntables or USB cassette decks.


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