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FitPC system

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Hi everyone.

My wife and I are looking to rip all of our CDs. We have a low end Naim Audio system and 1000 CDs. As the resident audio/computer nerd in the house I am looking for a good yet affordable solution. The plan is to run iTunes and use an iPhone as a remote using the new "Remote" software. I already use Remote at work to control iTunes on my Dell laptop and it works very well! I use an iPod Touch. She has the iPhone.


I ran across the FitPC. Its a small fanless PC for $445... including XP! It seems a lot less expensive than the SlimPro fanless systems at Cappuccino. It has two high speed USB 2 ports which I can use for an external CD-ROM and a DAC of some sort. I can use a NAS/RAID server in another room (perhaps the Thecus N2100). With this set up I figure the only things Ill ever want to upgrade is the DAC and the storage capacity. Has anyone tried the FitPC here? Thoughts? Does this all sound like a decent solution? Its a lot cheaper than the CA04.


So the question is, where should I start with the DAC? Should I just go with an inexpensive non-up-sampling DAC like the Devilsound cable or should I spring for the Stello DA100? The Naim system is pretty good so I dont want to compromise it. However, Ive actually never heard up-sampling. Is it worth the extra bux?


Is there anything else I should consider?














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H Clark - Wow that seems like a heck of a deal. I didn't see the specs on the PC, but I hope it powerful enough to get the job done. If it does this could be an awesome server for specific situations.


You are right on with a Thecus NAS in another room. The 2100 should be good. I'm guessing you're going with some kind of lossless compression so you won't need massive amounts of disk.


Starting with a fairly cheap DAC is never a bad thing in my opinion. I'd recommend the Devilsound because it sounds good and the design is as simple as it gets.


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I could also run Touchpad Pro on the iPod touch to administrate the whole system remotely without a monitor at all! The iPod Touch is an awesome controller device. It serves up cover art big and pretty and fits right in your pocket (try that sonos!)


Thanks for the DAC recommendation. I'll give it a try.


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