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Recently I received my new phone: an HTC Droid Incredible, running Android 2.1 under HTC's Sense UI. All told, it's an impressive piece of kit - but that's not the reason for the post. I've been testing numerous apps from the Android marketplace to control my Transporter. The other day I came across one I'm pretty darned pleased with: SqueezeDroid. It's much, much faster than the server's web UI, pulls album art, playlists, genres, etc. It is by far the best Squeeze remote for Android I've seen so far (new S-Touch users take note!). Check it out if you have an Android device and a Logitech player!





Audio Rig: Transporter -> Behringer DEQ2496 -> NAD M2 -> Paradigm Studio 60s v.5 -> Treated listening room

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