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Help to get best setup to aid future expansion.

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Hi All

I only joined this forum 9 weeks ago at which time I had no computer based audio to speak of. After much tinkering, sufring, head scratching, cursing laughing and spending I have something approaching a "Computer Audiophile" system. This week I expanded things a little by introducing my first Airport express in to the mix, which got me to thinking about the way in which i have things setup and if i have things right as regards future expansion (more Airport Express's). Which is where you come in, please take a look at


This shows a couple of diagrams, the first slide is my current setup, the second a possible alternative. Hopefuly the diagrams are self explanatory, but if you require clarification please ask.

If you think the proposed alternative is going to cause me problems or have an alternative proposal of your own then your comments will more than welcome.




Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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I found this thread on an other forum relating to sharing library files with windows and Mac



For me this would be beneficial, if I just want to listen to some music while cooking I dont have to run upstairs, switch on the Mac, wait for it to boot and connect to the PC and AE's before I can listen to music. I will just use the PDA remote to wake the PC (wakes very fast) and hit play on the remote.


As an alternative I could leave the MacBook on and set it to sleep after 15 mins or so, I would need it to run a script on wake to re-connect to the PC. I am assuming that iTunes and the Signal remote client would come back up when the Mac wakes.


Just as a minor digression, Airtunes takes 70 to 90 seconds to connect to the AE is this usual?


Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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