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HiRes DAC's

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Hello Group,


I thought I had the ultimate ADAC unit that would keep me from "upgrade-itus" for many years to come. My EMU 1820m ( http://www.etcetera.co.uk/products/EMU050.shtml ) does an excellent job of converting digital audio to analog music and has more I/O features than I'll ever use... it even has an analog phono input. Although it's limited to 24-bit/192kHz, I thought "who would ever need more resolution than that?"


Well... The other day, thanks to this group, I joind the 2L site ( http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html ). There's classical flac and vav downloads available there at 24-bit/352.8 kHz! This is well beyond the capabilities of my "perfect" server.


What equipment is available to decode such HiRes music? I wonder if this resolution will ever be made commercially available.






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Hello ,again all you computer audiophiles,

first of all I should thank Chris here for helping me take the first steps in computer audio, by teaching me ,and others I´m sure ,how to actually convert and play files downloaded from 2 L and others on my my Macbook Pro.

Very clear and easy to follow instructions with all I needed to actually get started .


But so far I have only added an external Headphone amp and downloaded some 24/96 testfiles from 2L.


And although I´m sure a hi rez dac will make things much better than what I hear from whatever soundcard there is on my Mackbbok Pro,

I have to admit that these files sound clearly better than anything I ve heard on this computer before, so there´s definitely some potential here.


But like you I´d like to be able to listen to all hi rez formats out there, including DSD ,

therefore I´m sitting on the fence for a while longer since I can´t really afford the AX24 studio DAC Chris mentions here.

While waitng for something more realistically priced to turn up .

I´d like to know if you hear any improvement from 24/96 to 24/192 files from 2L with your Dac ?

And if so what?


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Hi Chrille - You might be waiting a while before you can purchase something that allows DSD playback for a reasonable price. I have a good feeling it will happen though.


A pretty good reasonably priced DAC that will do up to 24/192 is the PS Audio DLIII. I reviewed the unit and followed up the review with a note about high resolution DVD-A rips playing back through the unit. Its pretty solid for less than $1k.


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