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S/PDIF cable

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I'm still looking for the best setup at low cost.


Was supposed to buy a new laptop and an expensive DA converter. But I figured an other way. My desktop already have an audiophile 24/96 sound card with a Spdif coax output and it is located in the basement just about 8 feet of my actual hifi setup in the livingroom (upstair). So my favorite PC tech. told me that I could bring the monitor (screen) keyboard and mouse upstair and leave the computer where it is. No noise!! and full control. Just need the DA converter beside my pream. That means around 8 or 10 feet of coax cable.


My 10 feet question is, is it to long to keep high quality transport?


If not. Do you suggest any specific S/PDIF coax cable?? Or, do I miss sommething here?


Secondly, I may buy that Spitfire 24/96Khz and wait to better prices in a few years for the big one. Like you have suggested (Chris) I may not need 192Khz for now, I think I don't have anything that needs 192Khz. Can you give me an idea of what sources atcually need 192Khz DACs.


Thank you





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Hey Hey Jac - It sounds like you have the makings of a nice & quiet system. I don't think a 10 foot coax cable is going to be the week component in the audio chain. If anything the internal soundcard will be the weakest component as it may output a fair amount of jitter. Fortunately you'll be saving money for another purchase if the sound is not up to your standards.


Content above 24/96 is limited now. The Reference Recordings HRx albums are 24/176.4 and are the best sounding albums I've heard in recent memory. But, if you're not a fan of the music on them it really doesn't matter :-) There are other albums above 24/96 but they are few and far between. I think you'll be totally fine with the Spitfire for now.


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