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Lossless capacity on CD

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I realise I am probably being a bit of a drongo asking this, but how come when I make up a playlist to burn, I am told I have too much info. for the available blank 700mb CD-R(or+R)?. Ok, I know the 80 mins was exceeded but I am way under 500mb according to the capacity total at the bottom of the playlist. It is almost like it is telling me that I am doing a 'like for like' import rather than compressed. I currently use iTunes and my library is Apple Lossless - my understanding level at this stage limits me to the 'keep it simple' school of thought.


On a different subject, I thought I read somewhere (but can't seem to find it) that 100% volume should be set when importing. Is this correct and, if so, does this apply to the time of import or can I now increase my library settings to 100%?


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If you are using iTunes to burn files to disc, they are most likely being burnt as audio, rather than files. My understanding is that iTunes will return the files you are burning back to CD audio first (or during) the burn. You can easily experiment by burning one or two tracks and checking how they appear on the disc. I'm sure many albums will fit on a 700Mb CD, but there are some that won't - and from your comment about the '80 mins was exceeded' it sounds like that is what is happening.


As far as I know, volume for importing is irrelevant.


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