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LampizatOr Big 7 balanced

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This is a real treat. This Big 7 was upgraded to make it sound the best, Lukasz did his magic, goal was to get as close to GG as possible. It's a balanced version with custom mix of Jupited Copper (0.22uF) and Duelund Silver (0.1uF) coupling capacitors for the ultimate sound, there are also some wiring upgrades. This unit was customized for a friend of mine that has a really nice patiently built 200K$ system. It shamed a few much more expensive units on multiple occasions.

With this Lampi you get 2 set of tubes: KR 45 and Psvane WE 101D replicas + multiple different rectifier tubes. He used this Lampi mostly with EML mesh 5u4g, but there are few other rectifiers included.

This Big 7 was fully checked before sale at Lampizator just last week. It will be packed for shipping at the factory as well.

New owner can customize it to his liking as well. Please ask for prices directly, I will talk to Lukasz.


The specs of the unit are:

- PCM/DSD256 (not R2R, the better PCM and DSD can be upgraded to 512 if needed)

- Jupier Cu/Duelun Cast Ag caps

- USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU inputs

- RCA, XLR outputs

- Tubes: 4x KR45, 4x Psvane WE101D (all with boxes)

- Rectifiers: EML mesh 5u4g rectifier, USAF 596, Sylvania JAN 5u4g and more.

- Dual voltage (USA/EU friendly)

- Superclock upgrade


New price of this unit with upgraded that it has would place it at 11000E+ without all the GG rate tubes that it has.


Unit was manufactured on 07/2015 and has number 778.


Feel free to contact me with questions.



image1 (2).jpeg

image2 (2).jpeg


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