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  1. This unit is no longer available, I decided to keep it.
  2. Hi For sale is Lampizator Golden Atlantic Single Ended in full factory spec with special case, paperwork, roller feet, KR rectifier and and all that comes with Golden units as standard. DAC is fresh after factory checkup. Front is black but can be silver if you want, color of power button can be adjusted to your liking. Its R2R unit with DSD256. Inputs: - USB - SPDIF - AES/EBU Price: 4500E Photos on demand, please send PM with questions.
  3. Hello Walter I will send you a message today in the evening with all the answers. I will most likely want your dac as part of payment if we cut a deal. I know someone that would love it so please think about the price that is right for you. Best regards, Michal
  4. Hi For sale is my own Lampizator Golden Atlantic that I own since begiining of 2017. This is historical unit, because this is the 1st Golden Atlantic ever built. Lukasz Fikus spent some time perfecting it. Also it has all the internals upscaled vs standard production Golden Atlantic where it mattered (I wanted my ultimate unit). I am not affraid to say that this is the best sounding GA out there. This is true to Atlantic initial idea R2R version with high res PCM and 256 DSD. Normally I would say that you can put PCM and 512 DSD in if you want, but this one is too good to touch. Its best left alone and enjoyed. I had quite a few Lampizator DACs, all models from Level 2.5 really and this one I like best. To beat this one you need to spend WAYYYY more money. Pacific kind of money in fact... Inputs: - USB - SPDIF - Toslink EML rectifier is almost new and 4P1L tubes will be new for new owner. Price: 5000E Please write if you have questions or want more photos.
  5. Hi This is new for me, but here we go! I slowly started manufacturing audio PCs with a friend of mine. This joined venture started some time ago with multiple porojects merging into what became a final configuration that delivered what we both wanted. The effect so far is a dozen units made exactly the same way for people that know me and are located in Europe and USA. I never tried to commercialize it before, it started as a hobby for my own purpose. We decided to make a nice case so the computer can sit next to our gear and look like a finished grown up device. Name comes from our daughters name 1st letters. Some people tested it and suggested to make it official product, they say it sounds better than any files source they heard so far so here we are. What it is? - Basically it is a computer with audio grade Ogonowski transformer, good quality Mundorf and Jantzen capacitors, few good ideas like a pure copper faraday cage boxed PSU and only very high quality parts and cabling. No cutting costs anywhere. We are using proven hardware like SOtM usb card and HDPLEX. Case is made of anodized aluminium CNC cut. Computer weight is 10kg (around 20 lbs). So far I tested it against stuff like dCS network bridge, JAY's audio CDT-3 CD player and Accuphase DP-800 CD with DC-801 DAC. The Accuphase owner wanted me to build it for him instanlty, to be honest DP-800 and JAY's CD players sound better, but the difference is not something that you could not live with. The owner of DP-800 has my PC now and uses it more often that his player just because its a more versatile device. I dont want to mention the dCS because its a great company and I am just a guy that made something, but when it comes to low end... dCS sounds limitted. Cutting to the chase... What you get? - Intel i5 CPU with 8GBs of RAM (DDR4) - 256GB SSD internal drive with preinstalled Daphile Linux (you can install whatever you feel is better, I can install whatever you want but I will not support the software part) - 7 USB ports (2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.0 for external drives, 1x SOtM USB) - HDMI for screen connection - WiFi + ETH networking - 2 years warranty PRICE: 2500E shipped in Europe For USA please ask, shipping can add some money, but nothing crazy. ps.: You can test it free of charge in Europe for a week (you cover shipping). Demo in USA is also possible, one unit lives happy life in NY area. Optionally you can get i7, any size SSD drive with as much RAM as you want for cost of part price difference. We use i5 cpu because it is enough for everything we do in our systems. In photos you can see my own private unit, it has some scuffs and is not the cleanest, but you get the idea what it looks like. Power on LED is orange color... If you have any questions, please send me a message. Thank you.
  6. Hi For sale is maxed out LampizatOr Golden Atlantic balanced with volume that normally is 11000 Euro + VAT new. - R2R PCM + 256DSD - 5u4g EML mesh rectifier - 2 sets of 4P1L tubes. - Synergistic BLACK fuse - dual voltage - full set with flight case, roller feet, paper work - 4 years warranty Unit is in perfect as new condition. Asking price is 8000 Euro shipped (from Sweden). One of forum members asked me to put this ad for him. I will contact potential buyer with him directly. If you have any questions PM me.
  7. Please find photos and the factory sticker. Turned out it is early Golden Gate dac is Big 7 clothing. There are roller feet underneath, you can see in photos that there are WBT connectors and Furutech power socket on the back. Button and screen are orange. Silver case will be new as this one has some scratches on one side. It will be shipped in standard box (not flight case as in GG) Tubes that come with it are 2A3 Electro Harmonix Gold, rectifier military Cetron 5R4WGB all new. Manufacturing number 666 suggests hell of a deal ;-) I keep the price of 4500E but shipping is on you.
  8. Don’t worry, will put photos tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s not r2r, it’s “standard” pcm + dsd256.
  9. Will takie some good ones on Monday. It’s fully refurbished at the factory.
  10. Used Big 7 SE with Volume (newest generation 5). This Big 7 looking GG was fully checked at Lampizator. It will be packed for shipping at the factory as well. New owner can customize it to his liking as well. Please ask for prices directly, I will talk to Lukasz. The specs of the unit are: - PCM/DSD256 (DSD can be upgraded to 512 if needed) - Jupier Cu caps - USB, SPDIF, inputs (one more but I need to check) - RCA outputs - Tubes: Electro Harminix 2A3 Gold (New) - Rectifier: Cetron 5R4WGB (New) (5u4g type) - 2 years warranty (manufactured in April 2015) Please contact me with questions and price.
  11. Hi This is a real treat. This Big 7 was upgraded to make it sound the best, Lukasz did his magic, goal was to get as close to GG as possible. It's a balanced version with custom mix of Jupited Copper (0.22uF) and Duelund Silver (0.1uF) coupling capacitors for the ultimate sound, there are also some wiring upgrades. This unit was customized for a friend of mine that has a really nice patiently built 200K$ system. It shamed a few much more expensive units on multiple occasions. With this Lampi you get 2 set of tubes: KR 45 and Psvane WE 101D replicas + multiple different rectifier tubes. He used this Lampi mostly with EML mesh 5u4g, but there are few other rectifiers included. This Big 7 was fully checked before sale at Lampizator just last week. It will be packed for shipping at the factory as well. New owner can customize it to his liking as well. Please ask for prices directly, I will talk to Lukasz. The specs of the unit are: - PCM/DSD256 (not R2R, the better PCM and DSD can be upgraded to 512 if needed) - Jupier Cu/Duelun Cast Ag caps - USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU inputs - RCA, XLR outputs - Tubes: 4x KR45, 4x Psvane WE101D (all with boxes) - Rectifiers: EML mesh 5u4g rectifier, USAF 596, Sylvania JAN 5u4g and more. - Dual voltage (USA/EU friendly) - Superclock upgrade New price of this unit with upgraded that it has would place it at 11000E+ without all the GG rate tubes that it has. Unit was manufactured on 07/2015 and has number 778. Feel free to contact me with questions.
  12. This is back on the table. Please rememeber it is for ONE unit only. I had to put this ad on freeze for a while.
  13. The difference between these two from the photo is not night and day either ;-) For the record, I compared both on PCM only (they have different DSD modules) with just two KR 45 tubes in the GG. It was good fun and good lesson as well. Overall GG is still king but the young guy is getting close :-)
  14. Hi Nikhil Now I have Tungsram ECC83 (also Mullard), 310A are OTK (USSR 1960s), 300B are KR, and latest upgrade 845 WE replica Psvane. Amp is really great and pair with GA it makes a very well matched system.
  15. Hi I have an opportunity to offer one Golden Atlantic at very good price. Offer for just one unit, configured as you want, brand new, full set, full warranty etc. This offer excludes USA customers (very sorry, not my call). Please contact me for a quote, serious potential buyers only. Photo of my own Golden Atlantic (not for sale) just to show what is offered here. Thank you
  16. Finally I was able to take a photo that shows the copper shine of Golden Atlantic: Here it is next to 219ia (still need to swap those 845s):
  17. Hi Nikhil :-) Yes its been MANY hours, for sure 300+ and I like my new Lampi very much. Its all I wanted to have, reminds me of old school Lampi sound, very direct, quick, dynamic with great depth. Each album I go thru shows something more, quite surprising. I feel that I need to listen to all my music again. My initial plan was to let it play for a while and then go with Duelund cast Ag coupling caps only as I did in my previous DACs. This change brought the realism to whole new level. But honestly I don't feel the need to in this case. There was a moment when my system lost dynamics and became dry, which worried me, but it only lasted about two days and all came back better after this small crisis. Its a very direct presentation and it pairs up with my 219ia VERY well. For rectifiers, in my system the EML 5u4g does magic, but In SS system (Accuphase A70) the KR 5u4g seemed like a better fit providing more complete feel. I also upgraded most of the tubes in my 219ia but this is for another topic I guess...
  18. Complaining for too many options? Please remember that the upgrades to higher level DAC happen by paying price difference and shipping cost only. This allows you to be up to date without the need of selling previous gear, loosing money on it and then buying new higher model gear which is the case with most audio gear. With Lampizator you send back your base Atlantic and get Golden Atlantic for price difference of new vs new. For me this makes it the best option out there. Also you can upgrade in a unique way to have a tailor made DAC just for yourself. People sell on their own and buy new because they make more money this way in most cases. Also nobody forces you to upgrade right? I know this hobby is like cancer but its good to know when to stop. For me it's like complaining for too many engine and interior options in car dealership :-) But lets imagine car companies do it the way Lukasz does: I go to Dodge dealership, get basic Challenger and then after a year or two have it upgraded to Hellcat by paying only price difference of my previous new car vs the newest model... Year goes by and a new Challenger Demon comes out! I go there, pay the difference and leave the place in a new beast! I don't know about you people but it would be great for me, so with is it bad with audio? Having freedom of choice is great!
  19. With GA and GG you get Apple remote. Also please have in mind that Lampi with remote allows you to switch sources and PCM/DSD so not only volume buttons are needed.
  20. In this case you dont need to worry about room for PCMs and DSD, it all fits in. With volume its not that simple.
  21. Solstice380 do you want a unit with volume control?
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