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Casting from Browser


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Both microsoft and goggle browsers have a cast to option in their browsers. While Goggle is a chromecast only function why is my microsoft browser not seeing my MR as a compatible DLNA device? Sure would be nice to be able to cast straight out of my browser for webpages like Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Im guessing that chromecast is proprietary but could you, Sonore,offer an application or protocol that allows this. Or am I missing something here and there is a way to make this work?

Intel NUC w/ Roon Core -> Ethernet switch -> Etheregen/ LPS 1.2 (B-Side) w/ After Dark Queen Square OCXO-> Optical Cable -> Optical Rendu -> Ghent JSSG360 Silver Plated Star Quad USB -> Schitt Gungnir Multibit -> LTA Microzotl Preamplifier -> Melody 845M Monoblocks ->Spatial Audio M3Triode Master Speakers;  ---- LTA Microzotl Preamplifier ->DSpeaker 8044S-II -> 2x SVS SB4000 Subwoofers.  --- HDPlex 300w LPS powering Intel Nuc, OpticalRendu, DSpeaker 8033 and AfterDark OCXO . PSAudio P10 PowerPlant 

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