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  1. bunno77

    Music Streaming 101

    It can eliminate the need for the mini if you stream music from services like Tidal or if you connect a hard drive direct to the Bartok
  2. OK. Thank you very much.
  3. Actually how is that done now? My pi boots straight into moode...
  4. Thanks mate. Yep no external usb device is being recognised. Will have a look into that thank you
  5. bunno77

    Chromecast for Rendu series

    Nah just a bonus of having Google Play is the account removes ads from YouTube.
  6. bunno77

    Chromecast for Rendu series

    Yeah I have Roon. The issue is Roon doesn't have their streaming services. If Spotify and Google Play etc were supported this would be OK. So much easier just to have Chromecast and they can use the apps they already have and their own playlists. Very few people I know have Tidal accounts that aren't into having Hi-Fi. Everyone has Spotify etc. The rendu products great as they are switching to Airplay etc via the webpage isn't ideal. Naim do it so much better
  7. bunno77

    Chromecast for Rendu series

    Likewise with Google play. It has a vastly superior library to Tidal. Google play account also removes ads from YouTube which is what's stopping me from having Spotify Naim are looking by far the best for having quality sound and the best connectivity
  8. bunno77

    Chromecast for Rendu series

    Chromecast is very very good when friends and family come over. So much easier for them to use their own device and services. Would be a massive bonus to have
  9. Yeah that was a list of known dacs. The last pic shows it only has on board as an option no usb Yep will do. Thanks again
  10. Thanks so much for your time mate. I don't think it is seeing my DAC. It's not an option here as a USB audio device. That's the problem I'm pretty sure but no amount of reboots is helping I'll check in with Tim because the software itself seems excellent and runs well, just no usb output.... Untitledrp.webp
  11. So here is the screenshots.... I think I have all of them. With that little pic you sent I couldn't see an apply MPD or edit chip but set i2s to none and hit set again. Can see that my DAC is known so it's not making sense to me. Maybe you pick something up in the screenshots. Might contact Moode too Thank again for your help mate
  12. So I've had a play around today. Moode was really easy to get happening. I can get Spotify from my phone to see the Moode Pi and I can set my DAC in the Spotify customise setting. The problem is no output... In the MPD config for Audio Device there is only 'on-board audio device' in the drop down box. Obviously not seeing my DAC. I have restarted the Pi and my DAC a few times but no result. Any help appreciated
  13. Thanks so much mate I'm sure this will be the answer. You're a legend. Will give it a go and update this soon.