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  1. Nope can't get any to work. Yep pressing save
  2. Yeah I had tried that a few times before posting and just tried restarting again. No luck unfortunately Excuse my ignorance but what is LMS?
  3. Nah I believe I got the last upgrade through Vortexbox in the UK. They also fixed the issue with the 2.5 software SD not updating Yep I followed the link above. I am not getting an option in Audio to enable Squeezelite
  4. Genius, that worked thank you very much
  5. I have just got my microrendu back from the 1.4 hardware upgrade and now have 2.7 running. Trying to get Kazoo running with Tidal. After a while I got Kazoo to find the rendu but with the hamburger drop down and selecting Tidal it just sits on loading forever. I have reinstalled Kazoo and rebooted rendu a few times. Also trying to get the upnp bridge working. In settings it sees my Cambridge 752BD and I have gone through the proceedure here to run it but I can't seem to find it in Roon. What app is meant to be running? https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/29745-sonicorbiter-sonoreupnp-bridge/ Any help with both would be great
  6. bunno77

    HQ Player

    Spoke too soon. It opened the first time and now same problem. I give up Maybe if I get a dedicated server one day
  7. bunno77

    HQ Player

    Just finished getting Windows 10 on. It is still a free upgrade from 8.1. Looks like HQplayer and Audirvana now working. Roon backup isn't being recognised though. Thanks for the motivation
  8. Only for Windows 10 Apple products and software just never suit
  9. bunno77

    HQ Player

    @Em2016 Yeah I am nearly at that point it is an old rig but still runs well. Everything is backed up x3 it is just a pain re-installing everything as you said. Just heard back from Audirvana and it is for Windows 10 only but I have 8.1... Was hoping not to need it.
  10. bunno77

    HQ Player

    Not sure if there is any point but Tried again today and still no result. Funnily enough tried Audirvana and it does the same thing. I have tried a few other free programs like mozilla etc just to test and no problem installing and running those. Any gurus out there in Computer Audiophile?
  11. Downloaded and installed this today but it won't open. Click on the desktop icon, the little loading circle is there for a second and then nothing. Similar happened with HQplayer recently and I can't get it working either though anything else I download to test is fine. Running on a Windows 8.1 PC. Any help appreciated
  12. bunno77

    HQ Player

    Hi mate, how are you? Nah core and HQ on same machine at the mo but that's some great info thank you. Glad to see you are such a pro with it now.
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