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  1. Haven't heard with the JBLs but I did listen to the 2 Evos on the same speaker. Big difference between the 2. Your JBLs deserve the 150 even if it takes a little longer to save.
  2. Thank you He has a NAS so maybe can get it sorted one day Thanks
  3. Thanks @jcbenten Looks like too much hassle and mate is unlikely to mess around with LMS etc and not straight forward with Tidal
  4. Need some help with options for this on ipad/iphone. Was at a mates and he is apple only which I am hopeless with. He has a DLNA/UPNP capable streamer that worked fine with Bubbleupnp and Tidal from my Android phone. We installed the Mconnect paid version on his iphone and ipad but both came back with something like not available on his plan. I assume this is to do with his Tidal subscription but he is on the Premium plan. Quick searches didn't come back with any help. Is Mconnect the best/only DLNA app for apple? Any good alternatives?
  5. Still very annoying that Roon won't stream to devices of a different protocol type. If you can start it yourself a few seconds apart surely there would be something to group all zones of different streaming protocols ie Chromecast, USB dac, Linn, Raat etc Also annoying that grouped Chromecasts don't have individual volume control yet you can do it separately via Home when streaming from Roon
  6. You're looking at the wrong Dyns. Look at their pro range like the BM, Lyd, Core https://www.dynaudio.com/professional-audio They are all fantastic. Some great mentions above. Adam, Focal and Tannoy Golds I like too
  7. Nice that they have gone the wireless route with the II
  8. Very happy this thread is still going. I still don't own them but have heard them quite a few times now. Can I ask if you have compared this to using the ethernet input ie Roon/DLNA etc via ethernet
  9. It is late here so maybe I am not looking correctly but I don't see any contact details on this site
  10. Good read thank you Very similar dip around the 50-70hz (green line) as mine in the early days in my current home. It jumped out to me immediately. I have got it a bit better since then but can't find pics. Your adjusted graph looks incredible and no doubt there is more done than just simple frequency response Once Roon added convolution I bought a lifetime license. Such a good feature. Might be worth getting pro help like you did?
  11. That's why I named this thread "active". They aren't wireless like Dynaudios (obv need power cables)
  12. Haha good point. They do DLNA and I find it to work well though many don't.
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