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  1. Haha good point. They do DLNA and I find it to work well though many don't.
  2. Have been running on a noisy i7 gaming laptop. Just waiting for a cheap NUC and will try make it ROCK and fanless.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't doubt it but more and more companies are beginning to incorporate it. I am just being hopeful.
  4. I personally would be happy to pay for another SD card if the big streaming services Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Google Play and or Chromecast were added. There is the thread about Chromecast so others are interested in this too but maybe not so happy to pay.
  5. Pretty cool new addition and great that new features are being added to older devices. Not something I would use though. I was hoping for native app support or Chromecast.
  6. Can only thank my mother and her fantastic JVC and sherman tank speakers for this. So much cooler than my father
  7. Not my thing but is quite nice to listen to. 10 disks.... Wow
  8. Thanks. I guess I will have to see if Tidal or Google Play will install before I buy but knowing Apple there probably won't be ongoing support....
  9. Thinking about buying an Apple product just so I can use native apps with my microrendu. Does this shairport mode work just like Chromecast? Does Tidal and Google Play music work? Is the sound still OK VS upnp? Thinking about an older used ipad to do this. Will it function OK? Will only ever use these 2 apps. Do Apple still support these? Are they like older iPhone and you can't use the app store? Thanks for any info. Ps Chromecast would be a fantastic addition to the rendu series.
  10. Didn't notice anything. Hoping the big update comes soonish
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