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Two UpTone Audio Regen Ambers for sale - SOLD

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Regen Amber #1: Originally bought for a customer and never used, this Regen Amber is new - I just took it out of its box to snap these pics. After it arrived, it was placed aside were it has sat collecting dust and depreciating in value as these things do because the ISO-Regen has come out (which is a nice piece - I do own one). Never got used because by the time I got this customers system set-up, I switched to a Ultra-Rendu and Uptone LPS-1 for him. Anyway, yours for $95 plus ship.


Regen Amber #2: This is my personal Regen Amber (was originally a green Led board unit and I got the Amber LED board upgrade from Alex/Superdad/Uptone) that I have replaced with a ISO-Regen (and/or the iFi Audio iGalvanic depending on what DAC I may be using at the time: A quick plug here, I am a iFi Audio dealer.) Its in very good shape in original box and all accessories (see pics). Yours for $75 plus ship!


In the pics the used Regen is the one that has my business card in the pics (bottom 3). The top 4 pics are of Regen Amber #1. Feel free to message, call, e-mail with any questions.











Rich Brkich

Owner, Signature Sound

Liverpool, New York USA

Website: http://www.sigsound.com

FaceBook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Signature.Sound.HiFi

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