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Elegantly simple Airport Express multiroom speaker

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I am surprised to not be have been able to find a suitable solution for my bedroom & nursery yet...


In the bedroom I'd like a device that I could connect to an Airport Express that also has an ethernet port & a clock/alarm UI to receive internet radio, like the Sonos has.


In the nursery, I'd like a high quality single unit (with multiple drives like the Bose Soundock unit) that I could hang on the wall. Ideally it would be powered off the USB connection on the AE.


All recommendations will be very welcome.


Best wishes,



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I read an article a while back that Apple was not to happy about the Geneva products because they offered a built-in CD player in addition to the iPod dock. The allow people to directly compare the iPod analog output to a redbook CD. All the people using Apple's 128 kbps downloads may be shocked to hear the full resolution version and the lossy Apple version back to back.


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If only it was available to order from the UK! I have emailed the company to find out how to do a special but so far no response... The pricing & relatively good breeding make this product particularly attractive.


Has anyone seen a European product with the same? Am I the only one that thinks a product with this spec would fly off the shelves if marketed as a multi-room speaker for use with the Airport Express?


Best wishes,





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