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Headless Mac Mini problems


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Hi to all, I'm new to forum, attempting to run a headless Mac Mini attached to the hi-fi, having upgraded from ATV.

Better sound quality, can get of noisy NAS as a result.

The ATV just worked. No connection issues, iTouch as remote connected and stayed connected without any headaches.

Not so the Mini - problems are


1. iTunes library not recognised by remotes until a track is played via screen sharing on laptop.

2. After 10 mins or so remotes lose connection, although Mini continues playing.


I can't be opening laptop every time I want to listen, and only alternative is to switch Mini off, which again I don't want to have to do every 20-30 mins when i want to listen to something else.


This is a complete pain in the a@*e, the ATV just worked seemlessly, why won't the Mini do the same . . . . . . . ?




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Hi Chris, thanks for advice.

I'm definately up to date with Remote, and will double check iTunes tonight. Brand new machine last Thursday, so when did first software upgrade I'm sure it updated. Having said that I've reinstalled the OS to try and fix this over the w/e.

It's like the Mini is just dropping off the network. It's sitting right next to an ATV which has no issues at all, the remote works instantly.

Even when I get it running via the laptop, the connection isn't guaranteed to stick while the music is playing.

If I pause iTunes, and switch off the screen share I lose the remotes connection within a few minutes and can't regain it until I either get iTunes playing via screen share or restart the Mini.

Frustrating as you can imagine. I've switched off all the OS bits as outlined in other posts - bluetooth, autoupdates, never sleep etc.




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Problem solved.


Simple solution, connect an Ethernet cable from the mini to the router.


It would appear trawling around Mac forums that the airport card in the Mini is notoriously crap compared to say a MBP or ATV, both of which are designed to work primarily by the wireless route.

All is well, and it's early days but I'm enjoying listening to my 96/24 files properly, and I'm sure the whole setup sounds a step up from the ATV!





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