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EMU 0404 USB in/SPDIF out question

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I am trying to get AC3/5.1 passthrough via my E-mu 0404 but can't seem to succeed.


I am using the E-mu for 2-ch music:

Music server/HTPC -->Win XP SP3-->C-play-->ASIO2-->USB-->Emu 0404 DAC-->stereo analog out


It works great and I am very happy with the sound quality.


I also use the same PC/HTPC to watch movies stored in the hard-drive (DVD ISOs and .avi). I have used Windows Media Player and VLC with the audio routed to the PC on-board audio SPDIF out (to my receiver digital in for decoding) and it works great too.


However, this requires that I switch the PC audio output (in Control Panel) between USB/ASIO2/EMU0404 (for music) and on-board SPDIF for movies.


I read that the Emu 0404 supports AC3/5.1 passthrough to the SPDIF out and I also found a Windows media Player ASIO plug-in.


So I would like to route both audio streams to the USB/ASIO2/EMU0404 and have the C-play music come out of the EMU 0404 analog outs and the WMP movie soundtrack out of the EMU SPDIF (optical) out to the receiver (not at the same time, of course).


I have installed the WMP open-source ASIO plug in ("asiowmpplg") and I am getting audio out of the analog outs of the EMU (quality not good) but nothing out of the EMU SPDIF optical out.


Have any of you tried this successfully??


I know that the Emu 0404 can be used as an USB to SPDIF converter and it supports AC3/5.1 passthrough, so it seems it should work.


Any thoughts or suggestions?




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I am not sure if this really is supposed to work. How do you know, where did you read that?

I got my 0404 2 years ago and I didnt even manage to get USB -> SPDIF out, perhaps it is just meant to get SPDIF out when analog in? I m studying audio engineering and I thought I am not that stupid concerning stuff like that, but... did you manage to get stereo pcm through, usb -> SPDIF?

Well, I am about to buy a AV-receiver and thinking about selling my EMU buying another interphase supporting SPDIF passthrough for sure, for example the "M-Audio Fast Track Pro". Damn, hope you have already found out more...! :)






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I read that the Emu 0404 supports AC3/5.1 passthrough to the SPDIF out and I also found a Windows media Player ASIO plug-in.


ASIO cannot be used to output AC-3 audio. Raw (AC-3) bitstream output from S/PDIF requires use of Windows native APIs.


Raw output using EMU 0404 USB should work the same way as with any other audio interface, no need for extra hassle. See also section "Using Dolby AC-3 pass-through" in the manual.


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Federico; Florian~


To get SPDIF out, I patched my 0404 USB interface before sending to my A/V receiver. (see below or EMU support under device)


Setting up S/PDIF output with Windows XP based applications

The E-MU 0404 USB is not capable of direct S/PDIF output using Windows applications that are not ASIO compatible. The work around is to do a patch loop from the analog outputs to the analog inputs....


The work around is to do a patch loop from the analog outputs to the analog inputs and then you will get a S/PDIF output.


To get the S/PDIF output optical or coaxial to work on the E-MU 0404 USB audio card with Windows based applications, you will need to connect either a S/PDIF optical OR a S/PDIF digital 75-Ohm digital RCA cable from the S/PDIF output of the E-MU 0404 USB into the S/PDIF input of the digital device you want to connect to. You must also connect two balanced or unbalanced cables from each 0404 output to each 0404 input as shown in the diagram below. You must also set the Direct Monitor switch to S/PDIF. You then should have S/PDIF audio output if you have E-MU drivers selected from your Windows based applications. You will also need to adjust the main output of the 0404 as well as the 0404 input levels (A Hi-Z/ Line, B Hi-Z/Line) controls taking care to not overload the 0404 inputs.


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OKAY...:) Got it! Well, it was 2 years ago and I used it with itunes. Didnt know about asio, that you need to do something more. I am using now foobar 2000, there I have the "asio support" (foo_out_asio) plugin, a dll data file. Under Preferences, output you ll find then Asio Emu.... GREAT!

And I had to try several things, lots of foobar restarts to make it running finally. Somehow strange, it didnt run first with exactly the same setting it is running now. E.g. it started when switching the Direct Monitor to off on the 0404, now it runs with every setting concerning this switch....


Thanks for your help!! From time to time it would make sense to study instruction manuals ^^




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It is a very old thread but it might be useful for someone. You can use ASIO bridge (free) app to route all audio to Jriver ASIO and use SPDIF out on 0404USB. ASIO Pro Link can accomplish the same task but it requires a license, otherwise you will hear silence every minute or so.

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