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  1. Miska

    HQ Player

    Then it can be something else, I really cannot know what is happening in your system.
  2. Miska

    HQ Player

    You can certainly do it, let me know when it's solved... :D I don't know what UPnP issue you are talking about? There's no issue with MinimServer either. Gapless not working with UPnP is not an "issue", it is just something that sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work on UPnP. It is optional extra with UPnP anyway.
  3. Miska

    HQ Player

    I don't really understand this topology, why for example NAS, Roon and HQPlayer don't share a common switch. But in this case QoS doesn't matter because HQPlayer is not sending anything anywhere. And I don't know if NAS or Roon use it.
  4. First check if there are kernel error messages around the time when problem appears, with "dmesg". Also note that if Roon is not set to throttle it's background scanning activity, it can do massive amount of I/O on a fast storage like M.2.
  5. Make sure you Cisco switch has 802.3x Flow Control enabled for all ports... If it is not functional, it will cause problems with Rendu. So check from switch statistics that the port where Rendu is, is having Pause Frames counters with something else than 0.
  6. And TIM seems to have been forgotten again. However, I've taken it back to my measurement suite I use for my testing purposes. One reason may be digital systems where it is not possible to directly measure (using the original test signals) with sampling rates below 192k. But now most DACs can do 384k and many 768k. And DACs can also do DSD which allows this type of measurement much better.
  7. Miska

    HQ Player

    I have usually minimum 3 switches on the path. Sometimes WiFi too, if I'm playing from a laptop. Each switch provides additional layer of isolation. And I don't need any additional wires... And I can access any DAC from any HQPlayer server (something like 10 servers and 10 DACs or so). I actually now have two separate locations, 15 km apart, both with >100 Mbps fiber internet, now I need to set up VPN to be able to access also between the locations.
  8. For me, just the fact there exists GUI and display output in a device doing audio output puts me off. (especially if it runs Windows and not a custom OS) I've been running NAAs powered by two AA batteries... And down to single core 400 MHz ARM9 CPU with 64 MB of RAM.
  9. Too bad none of the Chord DACs offer direct path to the actual D/A conversion. So not the best pairing for HQPlayer. Running something like T+A with DSD from HQPlayer using ASDM5EC or ASDM7EC modulator. Or Holo Audio Spring / May with the same modulator, or with 1.5M PCM from HQPlayer with LNS15 noise shaper and DAC Bits set to 20 is much better match.
  10. If the playlist works correctly created with HQPlayer, but hqp-control2 displays incorrectly, then it is problem of terminal not translating UTF-8 output correctly for display (likely Windows Terminal doesn't do this). See the relevant code in hqp-control2 source code: void clControlApplication::onPlaylistItem (unsigned index, unsigned rate, unsigned bits, unsigned channels, QString uri, QString mime, QString artist, QString composer, QString performer, QString album, QString song, double length, QByteArray picture) { qDebug("[%u] (%u/%u/%u) %s {%s}\n\t%s/%s/
  11. Miska

    HQ Player

    But none of this matters at all as long as latency is below about 400 ms with "short buffer" and about 900 ms with normal buffer. This doesn't matter either, because the HQPlayer -> NAA traffic has higher priority than the Roon -> HQPlayer traffic. So with a decent switch supporting QoS through 802.1p/CoS/DIffServ you get all traffic correctly prioritized and lower priority traffic doesn't affect HQPlayer -> NAA traffic. (P.S. This is one of the first things that gets broken when people "optimize" Windows by stopping "unnecessary" services or using Wi
  12. Miska

    HQ Player

    Because it cannot be solved between me and MinimServer, because in UPnP you always have three parties involved. Server, Control Point and Renderer. And I doubt MinimServer would quickly move away from being implemented on Java and running on top of JRE which is main source of the sluggishness. In addition, if you want to solve anything related to UPnP, you also need to talk to developers of Rygel which is the UPnP component used by HQPlayer Embedded. I'm not dealing much with UPnP myself, it is all abstract behind Rygel API.
  13. Yes it does, but Windows terminal doesn't support UTF-8. HQPlayer operates on UTF-8 throughout. Not using Windows' strange UTF-16/UCS-2 Unicode stuff (pretty much everybody else in the world uses UTF-8 or UTF-32 aka UCS-4, not the obscure 16-bit character format). P.S. You could try through PowerShell, maybe it is better in this respect?
  14. Miska

    HQ Player

    How is NAA related to entering HQPlayer IP address? But in any case HQPlayer IP address could be entered anyway. Like you can now do in HQPlayer Client and HQPDcontrol. But in addition it allows HQPlayer server to be automatically found when it uses DHCP for the IP address and could change over reboots. But as you know, I'm against those multi-homed setups with direct NAA connections... ;) (since I see problems without benefits)
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