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  1. I'm with REShaman. I too, would have appreciation over such knowledge. ;- )
  2. I like the Bosch mention. Also look into Miele (USA).
  3. AudioDoctor-- Along with the rest of these cats, I'm wishing you Full Restoration!
  4. Nails on a chalkboard? Some are sensitive to this event, others are not with some in between the two. Everyone has a different reality and audio is no different. Nice to see you do some research, JJJ. I love to play with my gear, technical claims or no. I want to make it do what it do. As well as push it in ways perhaps it was not designed for sometimes. One thing I learned by playin' around with the little one (Mac mini), and my amp & DAC as well, is that by placing the components on different surfaces and/or with different footers, it changed the presentation. How a component is equipped, how and where it sits in the environment matters. This tells me that when one listens to gear and leaves with an impression, these factors should be taken into consideration. What does a component really sound like? My findings were in advance of my latest two purchases with Maple blocks and the Mac platform. And the Maple platforms have yet to see their Brass footers - still to come. I tried the Dayton speaker spikes after seeing the Mach2Music mini and talking with Darrell. That simple moved @ $28 made a BIG difference! Not having money for the Brass footers just yet, thought I'd try the spikes on the other two components. Spikes under the amp while atop the Maple platform improved slightly over stock footers, but the biggest gain was with the mini. Blew the middle wide open! The Mac platform largely did this too, but returned enhanced clarity in the middle as well. The DAC however, was neither better or worse just different. Back to the mini, I'm awaiting the funds to finish the tweak with Brass footers underneath to see...er...hear what I think. With the Mac platform, like any other tweak, it's going to be synergy & system dependent. One may or may not need the tuning the Mac platform offers in their system. But, tuning it does and does work as designed.
  5. (Cont'd) I would have eventually done this, as I love to experiment when I get new stuff. But, it's a coffee table! Someday I'll have a dedicated audio rack, but we're gonna make the coffee table do what it do, baby! This config did not last but a hot minute. Decay, Bass, Percussion and the likes resolved themselves but the middle (mid-range) sounded a bit less clear and focused. But the presentation did sound more whole, just lacking a bit of definition. Details remained however... Ok, let's get to the dirt! The washers arrival changed a lot in the presentation. Up to this point, I thought the Mac platform sounded merely ok, but not worthy of my new found investment. I was intent on keeping an open mind until getting all of the parts and allowing adequate time for tuning over a few weeks time. Any indictments handed down from me would come then. After trying combinations of washers 1-2-3 of them, ignoring all recommendations from the manual 'cause I like to play around and discover, I finally heard the platform do what its designer had claimed. Previously, I learned that both Soundpressure and George preferred the Platform sans washers. I contacted him and asked him to explain his preference. After playing around and testing the piece on my coffee table, wooden dinner TV tray, folding table, each of these different surfaces changed the presentation, causing me to adjust by ear using different configs of washers/no washers. I'd like to also point out as a formality I also returned to listening to the Mac mini without either system - on its belly on the coffee table. Both tweaks easily kicked this arrangement to the curb! The Mac platform opened up the mid-range with more clarity and focus than stock. And even a bit more than my previous setup. Though, I'll point out that the tweak with the 4" Maple blocks is not complete. The Dayton speaker spikes are just a trial/stop gap measure until I can afford Brass footers. This is important to note because I have observed the spikes benefit the mini the most. Spikes under the tube amp sounds better than stock footers as well. But the DAC is just the opposite. Has not responded well to the Dayton spikes at all! Experimenting with the DAC - stock footers vs Tri-Absorbers vs spikes - each of the three has something about it I like and something I don't. Kind of like a three way tie but with different sound. Still have to resolve that. Anyway, the Mac platform sounds refreshingly open in the middle and has a bit more focus. Bass, Percussion, tone, clarity, definition, dimension, detail, decay, depth (what's with all these "D's?")... this package does exactly what's expected of it. I think the adjustable, tuning design is brilliant! 'Cause though it was designed to simply be placed on a shelf or a rack, I found that different surfaces can affect the presentation. In summary, it's a keeper! And I thank Soundpressure for sharing his purchase. When I posted my Mach2Music experience, I hadn't yet decided on how to spend my refund. I will say that while the Mac platform has a somewhat cleaner middle, there's something wonderfully magic about all that Maple. The previous config still sounds clean but the overall tone is a bit darker. Decay is a bit better and there's just this sweetness that makes it easy to listen to. Can't seem to put a finger on the sweetness of Maple. All-in-all, both of my tweaks achieve their objectives though in slightly different ways and sound a bit different. My current dilemma now is what to do with two similar tweaks (purchases)? Since I need money to purchase Brass footers, my first thoughts were to sell the new Mac platform. That shifted to selling the Maple platform, then I wouldn't need to buy additional footers. Neither of these thoughts survived the two minute mark! I instantly recalled evaluating the Mac platform, while sitting atop the Maple platform long before the washers arrived. This configuration killed my decay, Bass and Percussion. But it was this very configuration that lent itself to the most lush and liquid vocals even over the proper configuration. I am stumped yet intrigued. How can I incorporate the two and resolve the imbalances caused? Obviously tuning will be the answer if it is to work at all. But trade-offs abound, I guess I'll keep listening to different surfaces (can't afford an audio rack yet). Try different audio players and stuff. And communicate with the designer 'cause I may be on to something.
  6. Atomic Audio Labs Mac mini platform-- A couple of things. I'm returning with brief impressions for now. But will follow up on these impressions in a dedicated thread for the platform later. Perhaps, one started by Soundpressure or by any other members. If none exist by the weekend, I will start one. I understand some of us are interested in the story and status of Mach2Music. It remains my hope we learn more in time... Back to the Mac mini platform by Atomic Audio Labs. Never got into the listening room tonight as planned, so will go on brief notes. Will this new platform make and serve me tea (ASIMO)? No. Or park my car (Lexus)? No. And would prefer to have my hand in these tasks anyway. But does the platform perform as advertised? A resounding yes! I got off to a bit of a rough start in evaluating this thing. Credit George though, he rightfully observed the platform might be experiencing over damping, as he saw one platform atop another. The 4" Maple platform is from my previous tweak. Without the washers, when sitting on the Maple block, the Mac platform had a deadening sound to it. Notes that would normally decay in time and space were suddenly dropping at my feet a premature death, if you would. Also, Bass and Percussion had a thud-ish sound to it. Here too, notes were short and slightly off tone. Ah, but the gorgeous Maple taketh & giveth. What it did do for the Mac platform is lend a sweet and liquid tone to vocals... female especially. While waiting for the washers to drop on the porch (shipment), I took George's advice and set the Mac platform on the coffee table.
  7. NBA & NHL action cut into my listening sessions the past 48 hours. Will catch up tonight and share impressions.
  8. Nylon/metals washers are in! Thanks, George. After sunset and dinner, let the testing begin!!! HUMOR! - www.atomicaudiolabs.com
  9. Thanks for your reply. I have not tried it without the 4" Maple platform, though it was something I did consider. Will try it on the shelf by itself later Sunday evening... good observation!
  10. Currently, now running the platform without washers. Could you briefly describe what you're hearing with & without the washers? Or point out the difference in the presentation? Thanks. My initial impressions from three hours last night, and four hours today are mixed. I believe it does what it is said it will do. Rather than gain anything over my previous config, it is merely different. And represents a sideways move. My current setup, well, before the new Mac platform, uses 1.5" Dayton speaker spikes onto a 15"x12"x4" Maple platform with 2" Isoblocks underneath. The two systems achieve pretty much the same thing but there are differences. I can only speak to using the Mac platform at this writing sans washers. As things stand, I prefer the previous configuration over the Mac platform. All of this is about tuning, really. To my ears, I do hear a positive part of the signature that stands out in the mid-range with vocals. Smoother and of a different tone with a nice extension - not better or worse but different. However, with the mini sitting on the 1.5" spikes and then onto the big Maple platform, the sound returned is bigger and wider as a whole. Sounds more open - not by a large amount but noticeable. The Bass/Sub Bass and percussion having more texture, notes sounding fuller downstairs. The Mac platform as configured sounds refined and focused. The previous config a bit more so. Which also sounds more alive than the Mac platform. This is especially noticeable for me which I perceive to be decay - notes decay differently between the two, with my previous setup having a nicer finish to the notes while decaying. The Mac platform sounds nice, I just prefer the different sound of what I have now better. If I were starting from scratch with the mini simply sitting on the shelf, this ready-to-go platform for the mini would be my tea. Maybe the washers will return a better presentation for me. But right now, I find myself in the corner with duplicate tweaks... and less cash. Will likely list the platform rather than return it, as restocking + shipping amounts to 30% of total. I've an open mind and look forward to trying the washers.
  11. Unfortunately, I will not be reporting my initial impressions tonight or over the weekend. Last night, I discovered the tuning washers were inadvertently excluded from the packaging. And that you immediately dispatched them earlier today. I'll likely get them Monday. Things happen and I'll simply pick up where I left off. Kindly, - Just a perfection seeking bat in sonar and sensors
  12. Sitting back and taking it in for a few hours. Friday evening will start diggin'... paying closer attention.
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