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imac as source

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hi...i am now using the cd player as the only source to connect the amp....

if i want to add iMac as the other source....

can i just connect the iMac to my amp using 3.5mm to RCA cable? any other solution? do i need to add a USB DAC?

my amp only has RCA inputs

thanks very much


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Hello there Alan, welcome to C/A.


Yes, you can use the headphone out split into two RCA jacks.


Next upgrade step would be USB output to a DAC then RCA jacks into your amp. There are some pretty low cost DACS you can find by snooping the reviews and comments around here. But you can get it working with just a headphone to RCA cable from Radio Shack or maybe Walmart.


Next step would be a 'mo better (nicer) DAC


There are potential other solutions like wireless, firewire, toslink but the headphone jack gets you going. USB is very easy. Somewhere around here I think I saw a note about a low cost DAC build into a cable. How cool is that?


Let us know what you decide and holler if you have more questions.


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I think this is a good first starter DAC. Headphone and it's quite portable for about $150 if you can find one someplace in stock. I think they are getting hard to come by. Might be a new model out or coming out to replace it.




No clue on that vendor, I just grabbed a link for the DAC. If you hunt for it on the M-Audio site you might need to get to the UK site to find it. They were sold in the USA, but scarce I think now.


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