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streaming all kind of music from a PC

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Hello !


I am new here so I am not sure if this question has already been answered (if so, then please, let me know where...).

I have a PC and I would like to stream any kind of music source there (iTUNES, WMP, WMediaCenter -only music-, ...SPOTIFY, RHAPSODY, LAST.FM, BLIP.FM ) to a WiFi receiver. From there I would like to get that digital info out from a TosLink/Coax, to my Peachtree Nova amp. which has Toslink/Coax and even USB inputs. That way I could keep my PC beside me and send any above mentioned music program to the amplifier, which is 5 meters in front of me.


I have though of Apple Airport Express/TV/Extreme as a Wifi receiver but... I have been told in an Apple store that those models only work for iTunes... the salesguy commented me about a non-official software that allows you to stream other information (apart from iTunes) but he warned me about an exisiting delay when using it.


Any ideas about how could I get any kind of music (from any program installed in main PC) sent to an amplilfier with digital inputs ?


Waiting anxiously for your ideas ! Thank you in advance.





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my 2c


Search for Eric Milles software (Remotespeaker Output).


This will stream only from MediaMonkey (and maybe Winamp - not sure) to an AirportExpress.


In my experience it was more reliable than Airfoil. I never have dropouts with 3 AE's going simultaneously


One can stream online "radio" via MediaMonkey


Itunes comes with Airtunes to do same thing (Remotespeaker output seems to be basically a version of Airtunes that works with MediaMonkey).


Accordingly you may not be able to stream from all of the products you have mentioned but RemoteSpeakers seemed more stable and reliable (in my experience at least)


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