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Magnepan MGIIIa's For Sale

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As part of doing some house redecorating this weekend, I rediscovered the Magnepan MGIIIA's that I had packed away 9 years ago when I bought my MG20.1's. I guess I thought I might set them up as an additional system somewhere but never did. They are in pristine condition; all original equipment. I've been playing them for the last 24 hours and they sound terrific.


Rather than put them back in storage, I thought I'd see whether any of the inmates here might have a good home for them. What I don't have is the original boxes, so I think I'm limited to an S.F. Bay Area buyer (although I can transport them locally in my 20.1 boxes). Looking at recent sales, it seems as though $750 would be a fair price.


P.M. me if you are interested.






Synology NAS>i7-6700/32GB/NVIDIA QUADRO P4000 Win10>Qobuz+Tidal>Roon>HQPlayer>DSD512> Fiber Switch>Ultrarendu (NAA)>SMSL M500 DAC> Bryston SP3 pre>Levinson No. 432 amps>Magnepan (MG20.1x2, CCR and MMC2x6)

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