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  1. It looks as though the culprit isn't the Cisco Switches, but is the poor QoS rules in the Nest WiFi router (which require it to function as the DHCP router in order to establish a mesh network). Somehow, even though all of my connections between PC/UltraRendu/NAS are hard-wired Ethernet, the QoS settings in the WiFi router are causing sufficient network congestion to mess up the transmission required for DSD256/512. Any ideas for a wireless mesh network with good security (IT chose the Nest because of WEP3 and good coverage for 5G) that isn't likely to mess with my ethernet traff
  2. Jussi: First and as usual, thank you very much for the extremely patient and helpful reply. Second, I am using the same SG350-10 switches, so your setting pictures were very helpful. Third, I had already read all of your posts here that I could find re switch settings and so my port/flow control settings, green ethernet settings and QoS settings were already as you recommended. The only settings I needed to change to match yours were those in Security/Storm Control and there I set both switches to match your settings. I then dialed back my upsampling to DSD256 using PolySinc E
  3. @plissken Thanks for jumping in. My guess is that you are correct re settings treating all traffic equally. But the focus has been on security, not throughput, so I have flexibility in resetting DSCP tags to prioritize my PC-to-UltraRendu pathway when I'm playing music. Installing a second consumer circuit and attaching it to my PC just reintroduces the security risk, so would not be a preferred solution. But perhaps there is a way to implement a VLAN solution on the existing PC/circuit that creates a priority pathway for music when Roon/HQPlayer/Tidal/Quboz is in use. Of course teaching
  4. I can do DSD256 using Poly Sinc Ext2 (same filter I was using with DSD512) with minimal dropouts, but still more than I was getting at 512 using the unmanaged Netgear switches. Unfortunately, I can hear the difference between 512 and 256 with the Delta Sigma DAC chips... ;-(
  5. Yes, I built a high-end PC two years ago to do work, photoshop and music on, which necessitated both a fast processor (then) and a fast graphics card for both music and photography. Since last February that has become where I spend most of my time during Covid lockdown. I had thought about the second LAN card idea as I do have dark fiber in my wall conduit so i could run on LAN on Ethernet and a second one on fiber (but I'd then have to create two NAS drives (one with my music files and one with my photography and business backups). Thanks fior the ideas.
  6. I bought a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch for just that purpose and inserted it just ahead of the UltraRendu, but that doesn't help. Overall my system configuration (without the 2960 switch added) looks like:
  7. Due to our ongoing shelter-at-home situation, my IT department has decided that I need business level Internet/Networking in my home environment. As a result, they have replaced the simple unmanaged TPLink/Netgear switches I previously used with managed SG350 series Cisco switches. This, of course, runs contrary to what many here, including Jussi with regard to HQPlayer, and others at Roon, including CTO Danny Dulai, have suggested. In that regard, they were right as my UltraRendu/DAC combination (which was able to to DSD512 upsampling with very limited dropouts) no longer can, even after m
  8. Ah yes, but if I remember correctly, you've gone all in for the Termintor-Plus and you've been selling off your (overly clinical/detailed, weak on bass) Sennheiser 800/800S collection... ;-)
  9. My wife might beg to differ. I've personally progressed from a 911 Carrera4 Targa to a Panamera Turbo S to a Cayenne (it's more practical on the farm) and as much as I loved the 911, it remineded me of a great pair of headphones (light, crisp, incredibly detailed, bass when needed, but tiring after a few hours). In comparison, the Panamera Turbo (even though Porschefiles hate it) was like sitting in the front row at the symphony or in front of Chris' Wilson Audio Alexia's at full throttle -- you just couldn't believe almost 5,000 lbs could hold a curving road, or press your skull into the h
  10. Was this a Pontus review or a Pontiac review?
  11. Rajiv: I'm glad to see that you are giving HQ Player a further look. 😉 But from prior threads, I thought that the Chord DACs, Dave included, played better with upsampled PCM files rather than DSD, or perhaps put differently, that there were other DACs that benefitted more from DSD256 and DSD512 inputs than did those from Rob watts and Chord. According to Rob: the PCM format does have more timing problems than DSD, which in turn has to cope with high levels of noise beyond the usable signal frequency range. But if you manage to deal with the timing problems of PCM in the D/A converter, like
  12. If you are using actively powered speakers are you certain that whatever you feed them post DAC isn't just being run through another internal DAC in the speaker that may make irrelevant everything that comes before them?
  13. Having just added the Modius to my headphone system I agree on the value provided by Schiit on these pieces! Overall I still prefer the more nuanced use of DSD 512 through HQ Player and a Dellta Sigma DAC in my main system, but I wasn't going to match that at Modius pricing for my desktop system.
  14. Given how much colorful language and little though goes into many reviews, I much prefer mine with time, care and thought put into them. That is what both @austinpop and @ray-dude consistently put into theirs. That doesn't make them per se right, but I can far more easily see how they came to their conclusions, what other equipment they tested, what their thought process was, what music they listened to, than virtually any other audio reviews I see. I may then choose to agree or disagree, but I come away much better informed than I was before reading the review. I also don't ag
  15. As depressing as that sounds, you may not be that far off. On the other hand, the more dependent we become on streaming as our only source of entertainment, the more likely people will find a way to make us pay for it. Just not clear who will keep those profits...
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