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Has anyone tried the LANRover from PS Audio yet?

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I just got mine this week. Count me as being extremely satisfied with the product. I am running it with the stock power supply on a MacMini using Audirvana Plus, upsampling to DSD128. It is a pretty big upgrade over the Regen. I was using the Regen with the ElCheapo power supply from China. Next week I will add a LPSU and hopefully get another boost in SQ.

In my system, the LR provides a bigger soundstage with a more liquid sound and increased detail. Hopefully, the LPSU gives it another boost.


The biggest drawback is that it is limited to DSD128 so if you want to upsample to a higher rate, the mRendu or SMS200 are better options.


A big benefit for me is that I didn’t have to deal with any networking issues and had it running in less than 15 minutes. This was a big deal as I still use an external hard drive with the Mac and didn’t want to switch from A+. (A+ will not accommodate the other products referenced).

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