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  1. I have demoed Roon twice and have decided that I am not in its marketing demographic. This is because of my poor, metered internet connection and the fact that I don't stream because of this. Therefore, in my case Roon has offered nothing different than what I can get many other places for far less money.
  2. I listen with either low or no lighting in a room with now windows, looks do not matter!
  3. I guess I'm in the same situation but frequently I drive without any music. For the sound quality of the majority of vehicles isn't MP3 more than adequate quality? The desire to have up to high res quality personal streaming in your car seems to be a little bit of a first world problem! 😊
  4. My curious mind is wondering whether this new tack by MQA is a round about way of supporting Tidal in reaction to the latest moves by Amazon and Qobuz in the streaming business. Face it, MQA is less than zero without Tidal, and Roon is pretty tangled up in there too. Tidal may be in a big hurt and Roon has become kind of stale as of late.
  5. What a patronizing attitude! I don't have a rendu or use Audirvana or Roon, but if you look at the Roon website forum there are plenty of people having problems. It doesn't "work flawlessly" for some people.
  6. You mean the cool kids aren't listening to MQA? Who would have thunk it!
  7. The key about FLAC as opposed to MQA is the concept of "royalty free licensing"
  8. I second this. I gave up my subscriptions to Stereophile and TAS about 10 years ago and never looked back, I outgrew them. Now I am more interested in minimalist audio, not maximalist. MQA just adds unnecessary gobbledygook to audio.
  9. Until they decide to come clean they are in a lose, lose, lose position
  10. The more this drags on I wonder if the side-stepping is unconscious, they may be incapable of interacting on a technical level. The saying "book smart, common sense dumb" comes to mind.
  11. I believe that what we are seeing regarding MQA from John A, Jim A, and evidently from Robert H are the last sounds from old guard dinosaurs on the inevitable march to extinction. They want to go out with a scream rather than a whimper. Back when print was all we had you controlled the narrative. These days once you publish an article it is open season for critics all over the internet, and you don't like it, you've lost control. To echo a few posters, you don't like the MQA analysis by certain people so you go after them, not their analysis. Shows real integrity on
  12. Nothing has ever been proven but the term historically related to the recording industry "Payola" frequently comes into my head!
  13. And Stereophile is "Lily White"! 😒
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