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  1. I usually wait forever to do upgrades. Last weekend I upgraded from 3.07 to the new version. I always expect problems upgrading software but it went off perfectly. No glitches and the sound quality improvement is substantial. The sound seems more vivid and dynamic. Great job!
  2. This DAC is definitely worth trying to fix. The soundstage, transparency, and smoothness were a step up from anything I had heard before. I should try to listen to other systems more to better understand what is possible.
  3. Thanks for the comments. The mods are posted on The EVS site. With my limited knowledge, it is hard to say if any of them impacted the DAC. The problem may have nothing to do with it. I have worked with Ric Schultz before on a DAC mod and find him to be a straight-up guy. I will see if there is anything that can be done. This DAC was a revelation for me.. I had always heard about digital glare but didn’t really know what it was. After subbing my Gustard back into the system, I now understand what people are referring to. The LKS removed that glare and is in a different league from previous DACS I have owned (Rega, NAD M51, and the Gustard). Now that I have heard something this good in my system it is hard to go backwards.
  4. In December, I bought a used version that was modded by Ric Schultz. The sound was absolutely wonderful. Earlier this week, I went to turn it on but it didn’t power up. I confirmed that the fuse was not working and replaced it with a new fuse. It still doesn’t power up. What a shame. Everything looks clean on the inside so I have no idea what the issue is. I wonder if the board died or the chips overheated. Has anybody else ever experienced an issue like this and fixed it?
  5. Sorry to quote myself. The site seems to be back up and music is playing again!
  6. This is a new one. I am on 3.07 (purchased in August). Upon start-up tonight, A+ asked for my license key. When I entered it, the result was negative. I tried several times but with no success. The next step was to try to buy the software again and then ask for a refund. However, A+ wouldn't even let me do that. When I try to go to the Audirvana Pus website, the website times out. I have tried accessing the site through several devices so I suspect something is wrong here and that it is not user error. A couple questions if I may: 1) Is anyone else experiencing A+ problems like this? (it worked perfectly last night) 2) Any recommendations for a good back-up music player? Thanks,
  7. I am not good at describing these things but for me, the sound is fuller and more "natural". (I am upsampling to DSD 128 through a MacMini)
  8. I finally bit the bullet and upgraded from 2.6. The money is not the issue but I have had so many frustrating experiences with computer audio that I hold my breath whenever I try to make a big change. fortunately, the upgrade was completely seamless and works perfectly with no glitches whatsoever. The step up in SQ was well worth the upgrade price, thanks to Damien for a great product.
  9. This is also a question I have. What is the smallest ISO transformer I can get away with to power the MacMini?
  10. Thanks for this comment. You are right about the LPS but I don't want to tear apart the mini. I am thinking it has another 2 years before I upgrade to another music server.
  11. Hi. I never did buy this. I wasn't sure of the exact voltage/amps required so I played it safe rather than blow up the Mac. In the meantime I did change out the power cord for a Nordost Purple Flare. That ,add a positive improvement.
  12. Thanks for the note. I will take a look on PS Forums for that thread. Good luck and please keep us updated!
  13. This has been a really interesting thread. It never fails to surprise me what people will come up with to improve SQ. My setup uses a PS Audio LANRover connected to a MacMini. The MM is fed from a hard drive connected by Firewire. There are no router or switches in play. The LAN Rover, however, does have an Ethernet connection between its two units. Is there any reason to think that installing a fiber connection between the two LAN Rover units would produce a benefit? My guess is no, but nothing would surprise me. I haven’t seen any mention of this on the PSAudio forums so I thought I would throw it out here. Any thoughts on whether this would be worth a shot?
  14. I just got mine this week. Count me as being extremely satisfied with the product. I am running it with the stock power supply on a MacMini using Audirvana Plus, upsampling to DSD128. It is a pretty big upgrade over the Regen. I was using the Regen with the ElCheapo power supply from China. Next week I will add a LPSU and hopefully get another boost in SQ. In my system, the LR provides a bigger soundstage with a more liquid sound and increased detail. Hopefully, the LPSU gives it another boost. The biggest drawback is that it is limited to DSD128 so if you want to upsample to a higher rate, the mRendu or SMS200 are better options. A big benefit for me is that I didn’t have to deal with any networking issues and had it running in less than 15 minutes. This was a big deal as I still use an external hard drive with the Mac and didn’t want to switch from A+. (A+ will not accommodate the other products referenced).
  15. Thanks for the comment. It seems like a relatively inexpensive option to try out.
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