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JRiver Media Center vs Media Server


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I have a CAPS headless running JRiver, music files are on a NAS, and I control JRiver with either JRemote on an iPad or Gizmo on a Android tablet. CAPS in connected directly to Bifrost DAC via USB. Simple, works great, and fiddle free.


For a long time I have had JRiver set to start in Media Server only on windows boot. I recently discovered that instead of starting in Media Server mode I can set JRiver to start in Media Center only on windows boot. My question is - does it matter which mode of JRiver it boots into? It seems to function exactly the same either way from what I can tell when running headless and controlling via my tablets. But I think I have noticed a little better sound quality when it is running Media Center, vs. just Media Server.


Is that just my ears playing tricks on me?

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