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  1. Thanks eclectic - do I need or download and/or install something in dietpi to get Spotify Connect running?
  2. eclectic - I have RoonBridge on dietpi running on RPi3. I would love to use Spotify Connect also. Is it possible to have Roon and Spotify Connect running (available to use) at the same time? Or do you need to shut one down somehow to use the other?
  3. I enjoyed my Caps with Sotm usb card connected directly to various dacs for several years. I recently repurposed the Caps as a Roon server feeding a RPi and Allo Digi. I am getting better sound quality now with this combination than I ever did using the Caps to feed via usb to dacs.
  4. Allo DigiOne board and $5 monoprice 75ohm cable.
  5. Thanks. So what would the preferred method be for my setup, to keep Media Server turned off and boot into Media Center, or turn on Media Server and and boot into Media Server only?
  6. I have a CAPS headless running JRiver, music files are on a NAS, and I control JRiver with either JRemote on an iPad or Gizmo on a Android tablet. CAPS in connected directly to Bifrost DAC via USB. Simple, works great, and fiddle free. For a long time I have had JRiver set to start in Media Server only on windows boot. I recently discovered that instead of starting in Media Server mode I can set JRiver to start in Media Center only on windows boot. My question is - does it matter which mode of JRiver it boots into? It seems to function exactly the same either way from what I can tell when running headless and controlling via my tablets. But I think I have noticed a little better sound quality when it is running Media Center, vs. just Media Server. Is that just my ears playing tricks on me?
  7. I felt fairly confident about my digital audio knowledge until I read this thread..
  8. Agreed. Minimserver does its job perfectly on my Qnap NAS. I've also used BubbleUPNP Server which allows access to music on your NAS when not connected to your home network as long as you are using the BubbleUPNP as the player on your mobile device.
  9. Not sure about your specific questions, but FWIW I used the Music Station and Q Music apps with my Qnap NAS and didn't find them to be worth the trouble. I've had much more success and stability using other solutions like JRiver, Foobar, JRemote, Gizmo, PlugPlayer, and BubbleUPNP.
  10. Would the Teradak X1 8.5V DC out power a SOTM usb card properly? Looks like the cable included with it will fit the SOTM, and the voltage is right in the range of the SOTM. I'm not sure about the amps since the SOTM specs aren't really clear. Has anyone tried it with the SOTM or have an opinion if it should work?
  11. John and rikhav, Were you able to purchase with Paypal or did you use a credit card? I tried to go through PP and the vendor was not able to accept payments. thanks
  12. rikhav - Are you using the Teradac that you linked to with a pi? And did you need to make any adjustments to it, or just plug the pi into the 5V usb power output and that's it? - Thanks
  13. Agreed that there is no right answer to your question, really boils down to what you want to do. I built a CAPS server a couple of years ago and have enjoyed it completely. I'd never built a computer of any kind before, and a combination of wanting to have a "high end" music only PC plus just the curiosity of wanting to build one made me dive in. Have done a few hardware and software tweaks on it since then and it has been a central point of my music system. Since then, again out of sheer curiosity I bought a RP2, dac+, and digi+, and have been amazed how such a simple and inexpensive setup sounds so good. Also bought a Chromecast Audio, again just curious to see what $35 would perform, and with toskink to my DAC even this thing sounds pretty darn good. If I could go back and only spend the money on one of these solutions, I don't think I would. It's been the journey of building/buying/testing that was intersting to me. If I had to choose best performance for least money - would probably be the RPi2 with Digi+. But right now the CAPS is downstairs with the main system, and the RP2 is upstairs with the headphone rig, so i'm happy with both.
  14. Introduce a youngster to how good their digital/streaming music sounds through a dac, amp, and speakers.
  15. I have compared my RP2/Moode/Hifiberry Dac+ running into my Brio R vs. my CAPS/Sotm usb/Bifrost uber into the BrioR and under very careful listening I cannot determine a difference. Both sound very good, and i thought for sure the Pi setup would lose out in the comparison it did not. Has anyone compared the Dac+ to the Digi+? I'm curious if the Digi+ into the Bifrost would be any improvement over the Dac+.
  16. Mario I would like to try the Cabrera Debussy recording. Thank you very much for your kind offer !
  17. I have been running it USB connected to outboard DAC and have not had any issues with pops/glitches even with 96/24 files. And it must not be impacting the sound quality as I have been surprisingly impressed with how nice it sounds. I bought the Pi2 as kind of an experiment just wanting to play with one and see how it worked - I did not expect that it would sound as good as it does.
  18. Would be interested in learning if others have had similar impressions or not. I've been playing in the computer audio game for a few years, owned 3 Dacs going back to a Valab as the first, and have been using a CAPS Lagoon, with my humble Rega BrioR and RS5 speakers. Out of curiosity I bought a Raspberry Pi2 and have it running USB out to Dac using Volumio software, Flac files are all on a NAS. The sound quality to my ears sounds incredibly good. I've run it both as the standalone PC, and also as UPnP renderer with files being fed from a laptop running JRiver. Sounds identical either way to me, both extremely good. Anyone else have similar findings with a Pi 2, or could my ears just be playing tricks on me?
  19. I was able to fix the audio service problem. I found the Windows Audio service in the services list, and one of the 2 services that it is dependent on had been turned off by the script. So I simply turned that service back to "automatic start", rebooted, and the audio service was back on and I could select my Dac in JRiver again and all was fine. I'm surprised that more people wouldn't be reporting that issue to you.
  20. I downloaded the windows8 version today and ran it on my Caps3. Windows tells me now that the "audio service is not running" and JRiver will not recognize my usb dac anymore in the setup options. I cannot play any music.
  21. Thanks. Under what conditions or changes to my setup would UPnP or DLNA become needed or beneficial?
  22. I have a system that uses many of the devices discussed in this thread, but I don't have a clue if I use or if I need UPnP or DNLA. Here's what I have: Qnap Nas Cap3 pc server running JRiver software Audio system with Dac connected to the Caps3 iPad running JRemote control software The Nas and Caps3 are connected wired Etherenet. All my music is in flac format stored on the Nas. Eveything works perfectly, and I use the iPad with JRemote to select all my music. But when I set everything up, I don't remember doing anything with UPnP or DLNA.. I just store all my media files on the Nas, and JRiver looks at the Nas as its library for all the music. So am I missing some kind of functionality, or doing something wrong? I feel like I may have missed a step of some kind, but I don't really understand what DLNA or UPnP would do in addition to what I can already do with my system. Thanks for helping!!!
  23. I have a strange issue with my CAPS Topanga setup, hoping someone might have an idea what's going on. I built the Topanga with the parts listed on CA, have stripped many of the unneeded windows services, and use it with a W4S Dac1, iPad with JRiver and Logmein app. Ethernet cable connects Caps to my router, and Flac files on Qnap NAS. Using wasapi event mode. Everything runs perfect, sounds great, no skips, no stutters, all good, except for one thing. When I first turn everything on and start a listening session everything works fine for what seems to be about 15 minutes, then the playback just STOPS. No pops, no stutters, just completely stops. When I go back to JRiver on the iPad and try to start plaback again, nothing works. It is like JRiver and the Caps have somehow "lost connectivity" with each other. I need to close out JRiver, and start over on the iPad. Once i get playback going again, it never stops again after that one time. I can play album after album, hours and hours, never again any issue at all. So this stoppage is only happening once, and it is only after everything is turned on, and then happens about 15 minutes or so after I start listening. Any ideas Caps experts? Thanks!
  24. I am very interested in moving from my laptop setup to the Caps3 Lagoon. However I have pretty much zero computer building skills, so thinking my best bet is to buy a pre-built and tested unit. My question - is the Lagoon build as currently shown on the Small Green Computer website the correct/best selection of components for the Lagoon? Any reason to change components, or look elsewhere.. Or should I just buy it as listed and enjoy it when it gets delivered? Thanks for any comments.
  25. I was interested in this unit, unfortunately their website FAQ says it does not support gapless.
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