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  1. jriver

    JRiver for Android

    Preview builds are now available. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,118417.0.html It's a port of JRiver Media Center, with the Panel web app interface. It is a media player for Android and it can play files to a DLNA Server. The pre-release price is $9.98.
  2. jriver

    JRiver hacked

    I'm sorry if anyone wasn't notified. We mailed every address we have. It may have gone to a spam folder or you may have previously unsubscribed. I apologize for this very serious breach of trust. It's inexcusable. Here's the announcement we posted on August 20. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,117123.0.html To summarize the damage. 1. Our commerce and license servers were taken offline immediately and were down about 5 days. 2. The attack used SQL injection and we should have prevented it. 3. No credit card information was lost. We don't store any and never have. 4. Email addresses probably were taken. 5. Passwords were probably taken, but we believe the encryption method protected them. 6. We recommend that JRiver forum passwords be changed. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?action=profile Again, I'm extremely sorry. Jim Hillegass CEO, JRiver
  3. We build something like what you're looking for. https://jriver.com/Id/
  4. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/-phile
  5. Nothing wrong with this equipment. Doesn't audiophile mean a love of music?
  6. jriver

    Playback of DSD on JRiver WDM

    If you like Roon, please use it. JRiver isn't an endpoint for Roon. If you want to play DSD, JRiver does that.
  7. Bubbleguuum is the developer of BubbleUPnP, but JRiver, not Whitebear, is the developer of JRiver Media Center. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post thought.
  8. jriver

    Playback of DSD on JRiver WDM

    JRiver supports DSD. As Hendrik pointed out in this thread, trying to do DSD to our WDM driver is a little pointless, since MC supports DSD natively. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,116611.msg806143.html#msg806143
  9. JRiver added support for Radio Paradise a few weeks ago. Its all FLAC. Great station! https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,115480.0.html It's been very well received.
  10. jriver

    Somewhat Off Topic: GDPR

    That's reasonable. No idea if it's compliant. What I would do is delete the user's account and leave the posts. Unless the user name was the person's name, there's then no tie between the two. On our forum, a user can do this themselves. Most users don't make much personal information public on a forum.
  11. jriver

    Somewhat Off Topic: GDPR

    Bogus. It's silly to try to legislate this so carefully. If someone buys something from my company, that's something that isn't reversible. They did it. People seem to think that they can rewind history just like they do when they're watching a movie. Silly. We're all stuck with the history we've made for ourselves. Trying to pretty it up is a fairy tale. Chris, We need to revolt. We need to stand up for REALITY! Life isn't a video game. OK. I'm done with that. I do respect the importance of protecting personal data and telling people what we do with their data. We've had a privacy statement on our site for more than 10 years. I do respect the rights of individuals to decline marketing e-mails. We've had an unsubscribe page and an unsubscribe link in every marketing e-mail we've sent for ten years. And still we get cursed at. This whole thing reminds me of ISO 9000, the EU push to ensure quality of manufacturing. It was a big deal for a few years, then seemed to disappear. I'm sure the rules are still in force, but nobody cares. I guess I'm going to have to give up French Fries and Bratwurst.
  12. jriver

    Somewhat Off Topic: GDPR

    mfin, Excellent summary of an unworkable, un-business-like system. There's no way a small business like Chris's or mine could fully comply. Nobody in their right (ethical) mind would do anything other than what the law intends. E-mail addresses my business acquired have always been either from a business transaction or from a voluntary registration. They were essential to offering business services. We've always had an unsubscribe link. We hate to see a customer go, but we've never intentionally kept their e-mail address. Does a person's right to be forgotten extend to their comments on a forum? We have a deep investment in building the body of knowledge on our forum, as does Computer Audiophile. Are we supposed to make Swiss Cheese of this intellectual property just because someone changes their mind? If so, it's a bogus law and probably not enforceable. Good discussion, Chris. Thanks for starting it. Jim Hillegass CEO, JRiver
  13. jriver

    How To Cope If Tidal Does Go Under?

    No service like Tidal or even Spotify has ever been consistently profitable. I think the reason is that the record labels have never offered enough margin. And that's probably related to their own cost structure. We used to go see record labels in the early days of digital media, and it was pretty cushy in the highrise buildings around Times Square. Lots of limos parked out front. But no digital media service has ever thrived, and that's too bad.
  14. jriver

    what is better than Jriver

    I took a look at your posts on our forum and I didn't see much other than setup problems during your trial. If you're still unhappy with JRiver, please post some details on our forum, and we'll try to help.
  15. Also claiming 2,000,000 subscribers more than they actually had. Quote from the article:"In March 2016, the firm claimed that Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, a six-week exclusive on its platform, had been streamed 250m times in just 10 days."At the same time, TIDAL claimed that its platform had surpassed 3m subscribers."These numbers meant that, on average, every single TIDAL subscriber would have had to be playing the Kanye album over eight times a day."Similar suspicions were triggered by the success of Beyonce’s record-breaking Lemonade a couple of months later."TIDAL claimed that Lemonade was streamed 306m times on its platform in its first 15 days post-release."Stats like this led Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv to investigate in January 2017 – and uncover documents which, it said, suggested that TIDAL had been deliberately inflating its subscriber figures."This report was lend credence by data from trusted music industry research firm Midia in the same month, which estimated that TIDAL’s subscriber base actually only included 1m people worldwide."