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Windows Tablet as high resolution music player


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before buying a Windows tablet (such as HP x2 or lenovo MiiX) based on quad core Intel Atom CPU,

anyone can provide some feedbacks?


The purpose is to load jRiver on Windows and run it in theatre mode in order to potentially forget the keyboard and use just the touch interface.

The flac files will be hosted on a NAS on my LAN and I am going to use an external USB DAC.


Year ago, when Windows 7 tablets appeared on the market, I tried these kind of solution, but with very poor results and i returned the HW to Amazon.



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I have a setup like that with an atom dual core Asus tablet and works great, but the full size usb port is in the keyboard so I can't dettach the tablet if want to use the external dac


Looking around I see that there are a lot of progress on the Android side.


Many people say that Android tablets + OTG cable + external USB DAC + app such as USB Audio Player Pro SOUND BETTER than a PC + JRiver.


Having to start from the green, I am trying to understand if it is better to go with PC+JRiver or Android+App

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I'm using a Windows 10 tablet in my main system right now. A few things to consider if you choose to go down this path:

1. Many of the tablets use 32-bit version of Windows. May want to search for a 64-bit version if you plan on doing DSP/room correction with the computer.


2. Many are limited to 1 USB port...will require a hub if you intend to use a locally attached harddrive.

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