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  1. I think most chip based DACs sound too much alike and I want to take advantage of my sotm stack.
  2. Does anyone know of an R2R or FPGA DAC with MCLK input?
  3. I was curious how IP telephony and data networks differ. Why does UC require QoS prioritization? How is this different from computer audio?
  4. Hans said it it ahead of the sms-200 non ultra and behind the ultra neo.
  5. I was curious if anyone knows of a source for silver stranded star quad cable that might be suitable to a DC cable. Or do you think it makes any difference. I ask because reviews of the SoTM SPS-500 shows that the silver cable dc cable is an improvement over the copper.
  6. I have tried fuse upgrades on power conditioners which were positive and lps which was mixed. The LH Labs LPS4 was worthwhile, the cheap chinese lps I use for things like switches and modems was not audible.
  7. Is it just me or does anyone else have issues getting these darn torx screws off? They seem to be cranked down really tight. I just want to change the voltage on mine and maybe add some ers paper. Do I need to heat them up with a hairdryer or squirt wd40 on them?
  8. I have tried to contact Cybershaft through their webform several times with no replies starting around 4 weeks ago. Could someone be kind enough to pm me a contact email address?
  9. what version of SP do you have? i have the first gen and at the time you can get docks.
  10. Curious what your thoughts on the next upgrade from an sms-200 ultra should be? The clock sCLK-OCX10 or the regen tx-USBultra? The clock is 3x the price of the regen plus $500 cables.
  11. Does the bnc cable make a difference? $500 seems high for such a cable.
  12. I have sort of a dumb question. Just curious how I can find out what the DC Barrel connector is on an Asus Vivobook. It's not the standard size. Also if anyone knows, the first gen Surface Pro. I want to get a cheap LPS for them.
  13. I think I may have fixed this. I ran windows update through trouble shooter and older updates started installing. i hope that fixes it.
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