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  1. Apologies if this has already been discussed but this thread is now 600+ pages. Recent Windows updates have made bridging ethernet ports a challenge. I'm getting all sorts of errors and buffering. Has anyone experienced this and what have you done to solve this?
  2. I am interested. I live in Canada V5X1S4. How much is shipping?
  3. After the latest Windows 10 "security" patches I'm having challenges with network shares. Homegroup is now gone and my pc is having trouble seeing my NAS. After much fiddling I was able to see the NAS but Jriver shuts down after 10 minutes. After I transferred a few files to my resident drive it has worked for an hour so far. Also a trial version of Audionirvana seems to work as well. Is anyone else having Jrive NAS issues?
  4. my friend did this for me through his laptop. i assumed he did this properly. he is an HP network architect.
  5. I have a Cisco catalyst 3750 and HP 2626. These are better than a consumer Netgear switch. But i also have an Aqvox Switch 8 that sounds better than the Cisco and HP. but an sNH-10G ultra sounds best. For those of use with network shares or multiple systems a switch is a necessity. At gig speed I'm guessing the switch behaves like an antennae and picks up RFI. But I don't have any instrumentation to test this.
  6. I think most chip based DACs sound too much alike and I want to take advantage of my sotm stack.
  7. Does anyone know of an R2R or FPGA DAC with MCLK input?
  8. I was curious how IP telephony and data networks differ. Why does UC require QoS prioritization? How is this different from computer audio?
  9. Hans said it it ahead of the sms-200 non ultra and behind the ultra neo.
  10. I was curious if anyone knows of a source for silver stranded star quad cable that might be suitable to a DC cable. Or do you think it makes any difference. I ask because reviews of the SoTM SPS-500 shows that the silver cable dc cable is an improvement over the copper.
  11. I have tried fuse upgrades on power conditioners which were positive and lps which was mixed. The LH Labs LPS4 was worthwhile, the cheap chinese lps I use for things like switches and modems was not audible.
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