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  1. so jealous you have the benaroya set. enjoy.
  2. does anyone have a voltage regulator replacement for dummies step by step?
  3. These speakers are getting rave reviews. They say they are like electrostatics on steroids. Has anyone heard them?
  4. the upgrade is worth it for native DSD alone.
  5. I think my unit is damaged. It won't pass the signal with or without clock input. It does blink without the clock and slightly with the clock. But either way i don't get sound with the tx in the link.
  6. I see. That helps me as I have it connected to a master clock.
  7. My SOtM tx-USBUltra stopped working and is blinking on top. Not the front power indicator. The blinking is on the main board but visible through the heating vent. Does anyone know what this means?
  8. Thank you for your interest. My former ducati was a Foggy Monster S4 which I loved as much as my audio. Unfortunately a driver decided he wanted my lane more than his and now it’s no longer. I ride an MV Brutale Dragster now and it’s not nearly as refined as the much older Duc. In the past I mistakenly thought all chip based DACs sounded the same so I thought FPGA or bespoke silicon DACs were the way to go. But the creamy 3D Bricasti changed my mind. It doesn’t sound like any other chip based DAC. And now they are available with Ethernet bridges so you no longer need USB conditioners and lp
  9. I have the same SOtM stack as you. I'm thinking of selling the trifecta and upgrading my Bricasti M1SE to ethernet. As ethernet is supposed to have timing information in the signal. Also on a whim, I bought a cheap $100 chinese clock from aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000152539910.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5f644c4dxCao2r and it did improve the soundstage and gave a more relaxing sound.
  10. Freddie Mercury Annie Lennox for rock/pop Nat Cole Ella Fitzgerald for Jazz Placido Domingo Maria Callas opera
  11. The Terminator Plus is probably too new for anyone to have done a shoot out yet. I have a M1SE with MDx and I love it. It checks the boxes you are looking for. Harmonic decay, warmth, image density and detail. And I second Bricasti support. Joe even calls me on the phone to walk me through. I always thought that FPGA DACs were the way to go because I thought all chip based DACs sounded the same. I was wrong about the M1SE. Very creamy holographic and deep fast bass.
  12. What are your thoughts on cascading? There is another device that can accept a 10M input with 3 outputs. I'm a bit confused by the variable frequency outputs tho. Q,What's the usage of 10M input and output? A:10M input, can connected with 10M extern precise standard or synchronizing external 10m signals. 10M output, output internal OCXO frequency, if used external 10M ,output extern 10M signal, and can be used by multiple machines in cascade。 I have a friend with an Antelope master and slave clock and he loves it. https:
  13. if you can give it a fixed internal ip address. in your router DHCP Reservation. this saved me a bunch of time. then you can just ping the assigned ip adress and reboot or restart dlna. for me it worked well.
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