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Advice - Linux thinks drive is corrupted/unstable

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Firstly apologies for the vagueness of this post , but just in case someone can advise:


I have a PC with 2 SSDs: 250 gb for general use and 1TB for my music.


Up until now its been used with Windows 10.


On the weekend I installed Ubuntu Studio on the 250gb drive. Everything went well, except it wouldn't mount the 1TB drive, giving a long error message about drive being corrupted and including a reference to "unstable NTFS file system" .


I reinstalled Windows and everything worked again as normal. Crucially I also use WFTplay which is a Linux live USB player, which also had no problem in mounting and playing from "sdb1" (the 1TB drive).


Any idea what caused this? I can just try again but don't want to go though the process if something is obviously wrong.



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Your linux system can't mount the drive because windows has it locked for hibernation(even if you have uninstalled windows).

If you run the following in a terminal:

sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXY

where XY is the drives name e.g. sda1, sdb1 etc it should put it right.


Hope this helps.

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