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  1. If you want an easy to setup turntable, there are lots of other options in this price range. Meanwhile, for those who want the adjustability, there is simply nothing within 3 or 4 times its price with the same level of adjustability. It's complicated tweeting is a feature. Similarly, at this price, almost every buyer will have cartridge opinions and want something other than what these guys would bundle. So, this is saving money, versus including a $200 cart that would get quickly replaced. A lot of folks seem skeptical about the unipivot tonearm. What is the knock on them?
  2. Is there a good way for me to find that out? Note, I have the older T+A DAC8, and not the DAC8 DSD that is quite popular round these parts.
  3. Thanks. I did that and it ran just fine for a few days, and was even listening to some music a bit earlier this morning. After i got off a phone call and turned on a new album, no sound. My DAC shows no input, and no sample rate is displayed on the front. Here is what the DAC diagnostics page shows in the OR: My MPD app on my iPad and my laptop shows that it is still playing music:
  4. My new OpticalRendu is having occasional problems connecting to my T+A DAC8 (non-DSD). It is new this past week, and it has worked the first several times I tried playing. However, a couple of times now, it seems to have issues sync'ing up with my DAC8. The relays click temporarily in my DAC and it displays '44.1' indicating a signal, but it immediately drops. The first time this happened i turned off both the dAC and Rendu and rebooted them. That isn't working now. Here is the output of a "mpd status" from my Mac laptop. I am using MPD mode off of a SMB mount.
  5. It seems a growing number of DACs are showing up with I2S inputs. Are there any options for a Rendu type streamer that has I2S output? If I want to build with a RPi or similar, are there any boards that are worth looking at?
  6. A major part of the problem is that it isn't as simple as "the label". The music industry has a confusing array of record labels, publishing houses, distributors and critical collection societies. For the latter, these vary by country. Furthermore, one song isn't necessarily associated with any one of these, multiple writers, musicians and producers may all be affiliated with different publishers. Where it exists, the problem can be worst for those "downlabel", I.e. Writers, producers, background artists, etc. It gets worse with there are multiples, where one writer may get paid, but cowriter don't.
  7. Why do people have to agree 100% with someone to enjoy their art? Is it possible that you can understand or be enlightened by someone else's insight yet still disagree with their specific policy recommendations? Why must I conform so tightly? TBH, I've never really liked Rage, they struck me a superficial, poppy knock offs of Fugazi--who did everything better, and with far more nuance (both musically and even more so politically & lyrically). The best part of the video is where he discusses a lack of understanding of Rage's neo-reactionary politics then segues seamlessly into an Audible ad. Made me actually LOL.
  8. Pretty sure I first heard of her on this forum a few years back:
  9. I'm a big fan of Sufjan Stevens. His early set of Michigan, Seven Swans & illinoise are about perfect. Illinoise is the best produced of the three, but Seven Swans is one of my reference albums.
  10. Bumping to see if anyone else has experience with this DAC. I notice that it now supports 96/24. This is great news! The Part Time review from last year was very intriguing to me, but 44.1 only was hard to take. But, with 96, I would be fine down Rez'ing my few 128k albums. It is just the conversation to from a base 48 to a base 44.1 that I couldn't handle. Does anyone know the story here? Did they shift to a different R2R chip, or was that review just always wrong? The ability to run it with both tube and solid state power seems awesome as well, and at just over $1k, it's a great price. Do people here just ignore it because you can't run 768 HQPlayer streams through it?
  11. Looks interesting. I still need something to replace MPaD and mpod so I can upgrade to iOS 11. I've tried soundirok on my iPad, but the load time are slow, and it isn't as quick and snappy as MPaD. it isn't available on the Apple Store yet, so it is just some screenshots, so far. I'll be on the lookout and will report back.
  12. It is important to note that it is perfectly legal to use mpd (or any other GPL software) in a commercial product. It is only illegal to modify the code, put it in a commercial product, and not publically release your changes. For most companies that release streamer products (Bryston, et al), they are probably using unmodified copies of mpd. Also, linking to new libraries, or recompiling with different support is not illegal, as long as no code modifications are made. Similarly, you can put functionality into external libraries which you aren't required to release. It is also possible that companies release their changes, but do so anonymously, or otherwise don't draw a bright line between the contributor and the company backing them. That said, it does sound like some of these companies have been in violation of the GPL.
  13. This. While I understand the reactions that this is too expensive, folks need to read up on price discrimination. It is a benefit for those of us further down the income scale. Also, my understanding of the R2R thing is that just the blank tape stock is expensive ($150 per album or something, iirc), so that is a major price driver. I suppose when it is cranking away at 15ips, you burn through it quickly. I have no clue how these rigs sound, but with vinyl, there is something to the ritual and tactile nature of it all. I also will not give up my 1k album mpd archive either.
  14. I like the soundtrack to Sweet and Lowdown, I return to that album regularly. Also, while they don't have quite the upbeat "hop", the Dick Hyman albums "Swing is Here" and "From the Age of Swing" have astonishing SQ. If gypsy jazz is your thing, and much more uptempo, I highly recommend the Hot Club of San Francisco, Yerba Buena Bounce should not be judged by its silly name, and I also like their Postcards from Gypsyland. Both also have great SQ. The Cherry Poppin Daddies are good for more of the big band swing.
  15. Am I the only one who kinda prefers MPaD? The interface is a little old school and not as polished, but it is quick compared to Soundirok. I have around 1k albums, and just scrolling through the lists is far more responsive. More annoying, I don't like that the alphabetic quick jump strip doesn't show up until you scroll. In general, it takes more taps to get around. When jumping around between apps, soundirok also sometimes take several more seconds to come up, if iOS has dumped the app out of RAM.
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