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File syncing service Cubby to be discontinued


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I've been a loyal and largely happy user of LogMeIn's Cubby file syncing service.


It allows me to sync unlimited files over the internet on three different PC's.


Today i received notice that the service will be discontinued in April of 2017.


While I know there are other services, the one's I've found are capped at 1TB for a reasonably priced option.


I need something more like 2TB's of syncing (this is not for music).


Otherwise I have to jump to 10TB's and pay a ridiculous premium.


I want something which will sync automatically in real-time.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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There are tons of free services, even open source, like Rsync, BitTorrent Sync, etc.


All you need is the addition of a $35 Raspberry Pi or any old PC or laptop to install the software in and run the sync, at a designated time or event like the addition of new files, change in files, change in meta data, etc.

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