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DCM Time Windows/Peachtree Nova?


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I'm thinking about getting my Dad a Peachtree Nova for Christmas. He has an old (sadly, currently unused) pair of DCM Time Windows in the basement. I have a Nova and love it. I think the utility / ease of use the device offers would be good for my Dad and help get the Time Windows out of the basement. Any opinions on this combination or other ideas to think about? many thanks in advance. $1200 (cost of Nova) or thereabouts is probably the upper end of my budget for this.






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No major issues with mine for the last 6 months.


If you use the USB on it, be aware they limited that to 44kHz. There were some reports of jitter issues with the Airport Express N version and a firmware mod is available for the NOVA. Hit AVS as signal path has a presence there and has posted regarding this.




Windows 10 x64 (no major tweaks)>JRMC v20>Adnaco S3B (Anker battery)>PPA USB>Auralic Vega (XLR output)>Tortuga Audio LDR v2 (custopm LPSU)>Decware EL34 (VCAPS, bias and UFO tranny mod)>Zu Union Cubes (Juptier Cap mod) - Cabling: Lectraline speaker, Antipodes Komako, Decware, and Huffman ICs

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