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Sandy Pearlman (August 5, 1943 – July 26, 2016)


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As it came to my notice by reading about his involvement with Blue Oyster Cult at Wikipedia.

Sandy Pearlman passed over to the place where the music never stops, end of July 2016.


I came across his work as a producer with The Clash (Give 'em enough rope) and Pavlov's Dog (Pampered Menial), two Albums I really love since the early 80's.


And particularly for one of my remote Island Albums, Dream Syndicate's "Medicine Show", which I listen to at least once a month because it is so special to me.


"He was described as the "Hunter Thompson of rock, a gonzo producer of searing intellect and vast vision.", in the Billboard Producer Directory" (Wikipedia)


Mr. Pearlman hast been very active in a variety of work for musicians and the music industry, being involved e.g. in "emusic.com" as well as lecturing about the "Future of Music" at various univerities in North America.


Rest in peace, Sandy Pearlman.

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