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Lampizator Big 7 balanced with volume control, R2R and DSD 256

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Selling latest spec Lampizator Big 7 balanced with volume control (including basic lampi remote and stylish apple remote), R2R chip for PCM and DSD 256x engine.


- one pair analogue inputs,

- spdif (both BNC and RCA),

- toslink, USB.

Outputs: SE (RCA pair) and balanced (XLRs).

Internal wiring is silver.

Power: 115/230 V switch


- Stock tubes (PSvane 101D and Shunguang 274B);

- upgrade tubes (KR audio 45s and Emission lab 274B Mesh rectifier).


Entire package, except stock tubes include purchase receipt and transferable warranty (Lampi B7 5 years, so 4.5 years are still left; KR audio and EML tubes 6 months, so 4 good months are still left). B7 and tubes will be packed in it's original box, but additionaly packed in 2 custom made boxes (one for B7 and other for tubes - there is a total of 10 tubes). Shipping international including insurance and tracking.


Price new retail incl. upgrade tubes is 17.650 EUR in Europe

Selling now as package incl. worldwide shipping and paypal for 10.500 EUR

Paypal or bank transfer is possible








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Are you a dealer? I have seen you sell a Golden Gate and a big 7 before.

Spanish Distributor for Aries Cerat

Two Channel System: Aries Cerat Kassadra DAC, Aries Cerat Genus SET Integrated Amplifier, Plinius SA-103 Power Amplifier, Zingali Horns Client Name Evo 1.2.

Headphone system: Aries Cerat Kassadra DAC, Violectric V281 Headphone Amplifier, Audeze LCD4 2018, LCD2-Classic 2018.

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