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  1. Sorry, no but have a maxed out big 7 balanced without volume control and 2 sets of tubes
  2. Hi

    I have some questions,is the lampizator atlantic still for sale?


    Best regards Heino

  3. I was afraid to say atloud, but then came across this review on Atlantic and Golden GateLampizatOr Atlantic – HiFi Knights It is true. Christmas price 5.000 EUR all included
  4. Selling 15 months old Harbeth SHL5 plus loudspeakers in cherry. Inlcuding purchase receipt from official dealer, warranty and original boxes (custom made speaker stands not included). The condition is 10/10, there are no scratches. Working condition is excellent and this is really one of the best loudspeakers under 10.000 EUR. It works good with cheaper amplifers and fills my 40 suare meter room without problem. Natural human voice and balanced throughout frequency range. This is the first set of speakers for me that when listening to standard TV everything sounds coherent. I'm selling these speakers only to get 40th anniversary edition of SHL5 plus in Walnut finish. Speaker stands are made exactly for these speakers and are better match than heavy metal stands, because the speakers sound more live. In case You are interested, I can sell these for 200 EUR for the pair, but will make a custom box for transport. Shipping Worldwide via UPS or DPD, tracked and insured. Please check my ebay add: Harbeth SHL5 plus, cherry | eBay
  5. Selling latest production (11/2016) Atlantic DAC, fully balanced, black chassis, including 5 years transferable warranty, original boxes. - PCM conversion R2R discrete ladder - up to 26 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 384 kHz via USB - DSD conversion via USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x, 128x, 256x - inputs: USB, spdif (BNC, RCA), toslink - outputs: balanced XLR pair, single ended RCA pair - Jupiter output capacitors, silver internal wiring - special metal rings around tubes - 115/230 V switch on the back -Extra Mullard GZ32 rectifier tube - rectifer tube + choke in PSU - superclock for DSD and PCM - second superclock. Price including paypal and insured shipping Worldwide with tracking by DPD or UPS is 5.500 EUR (full retail 7.800 EUR). Atlantic will be doubleboxed as shown on the photos with two layers of foam around. Tubes will be seperately boxed and additionally protected. Let me Know if you have any questions, especially regarding comparison to B7 or GG as I had them all
  6. Selling latest spec Lampizator Big 7 balanced with volume control (including basic lampi remote and stylish apple remote), R2R chip for PCM and DSD 256x engine. INPUTS: - one pair analogue inputs, - spdif (both BNC and RCA), - toslink, USB. Outputs: SE (RCA pair) and balanced (XLRs). Internal wiring is silver. Power: 115/230 V switch Tubes: - Stock tubes (PSvane 101D and Shunguang 274B); - upgrade tubes (KR audio 45s and Emission lab 274B Mesh rectifier). Entire package, except stock tubes include purchase receipt and transferable warranty (Lampi B7 5 years, so 4.5 years are still left; KR audio and EML tubes 6 months, so 4 good months are still left). B7 and tubes will be packed in it's original box, but additionaly packed in 2 custom made boxes (one for B7 and other for tubes - there is a total of 10 tubes). Shipping international including insurance and tracking. Price new retail incl. upgrade tubes is 17.650 EUR in Europe Selling now as package incl. worldwide shipping and paypal for 10.500 EUR Paypal or bank transfer is possible
  7. I have PPA tz yun cable that comes with tihe battery adapter (XLR male with other end open, 80 cm). Other cable is something I tried to build myself but too emberassed of the outcome to even offer it
  8. Selling 18 months old audiophille red SATA cable (20 cm), including orginal box, purchase receipt (from UK distributor) and transferrable warranty. The cable is cosmetically and sonically in excellent condition and performs on the level described many times on Computer audiophille website. The cable bending does not affect sound, this is normal as it needs to fit inside casing (please take a look on the thrid photo). Included is SATA power cable for SSD including 2.1mm chassis connector (an external power source (a battery anker) can be used, as this makes a really nice effect to the sound - really cheap worthwile trick that works as the OS SSD makes a lot of noise). Total price incl. paypal fees and shipping is 100 euros. Photos:
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