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Ultimate Galvanic Isolation for Firewire DACs (or Disks)

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For details see

Opticis Fiber-optic IEEE1394b FireWire Repeater (M4-200)


Not only does it provide ultimate galvanic isolation but it also

allows the DAC to be up to 500m (approx 1,650 ft) from the computer.


[Great solution to not having to have a computer in the listening room.]


I will include a 10m (33 ft) fiber optic cable with the extender, see

Newnex LC-LC Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cables - Industrial Component


I have been using it with a Mytek Stereo192-DSDDAC for the past two years

but have now moved to a USB only DAC (dCS).


List price of extender & cable is $853, selling for $400 or reasonable offer.





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