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  1. Since you cannot see it, I assume that you are using a tablet in landscape (it is always visible to the left of the Mute button on phones and also tablets in portrait). Tap the Volume Slider to bring up the Enhanced Volume Control and you will see the Phase Button. https://dcs.community/t/mosaic-ug-3-2-now-playing/260
  2. Hi Chris Thanks for drawing my attention to this. My stupidity was that when I called up the listing to edit it, I didn't find the section at the foot with inventory management etc. I didn't realize that there was something after my pictures. Perhaps moving that section to the top of edit page of a listing might help others like me ...? Mike
  3. At the moment sellers have no direct means to delete a listing. [Which is why I am one of those guilty of using "No Longer Available" in the caption of one of my listings ...]
  4. @ted_b: I am aware of that and I set my Superphonica display name to reeve_mike when I registered. But on CA I am able to use reeve_mike as my userid, I was just noting the minor 'frustration' that two websites from the same organization have different userid rules ... P.S. I don't think I have ever thanked you before for your posts that enabled me to rip my 910 SACDs - so while I am here let me say MANY MANY THANKS!
  5. Hi Chris I look forward to using Superphonica! One small 'frustration', I could not use the same userid on Superphonica as on CA. My CA userid is "reeve_mike" but Superphonica does not allow "_" :-( So I had to be "reevemike". Best wishes for the new venture! Mike
  6. I seem to be having issues with a Singxer SU-1 now that I've installed High Sierra 10.13.2. Sound for a few seconds and then nothing [until I restart the Mac but then it does the same]. Anyone else or is it just me ...?
  7. Should obviously be one that would be categorized as 'audiophile' ...
  8. Hi Can anyone recommend a +/-15V (at least 0.5A per line) linear power supply (120V input). MANY THANKS! Mike
  9. microRendu - Like New inc. iFi Power Supply 1.3 board2.5 software In original box & packing http://sonore.us/microRendu.html $450 or best offer Buyer pays shipping or picks up in downtown Boston, MA 02210
  10. Hi, I have a region-free 105D and it rips SACDs just fine. Mike
  11. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f11-software/sacd-ripping-using-oppo-or-pioneer-yes-its-true-29251/
  12. If one reads beyond the first couple of pages of the SACD ripping on a Pioneer or OPPO thread it will be seen that there is no need for scripts or Telnet, one simply inserts a USB stick with the ripping code in the player and then runs ISO2DSD on a Mac/PC on the same network - that seems pretty much off-the-shelf to me ...
  13. 103D - Yes! [And it's one with the e-bay seller "gradedexchange" multi-region 'hack'.] Using it together with ISO2DSD on a Mac to extract Raw Iso. No telnet needed. I just put the USB stick in the Oppo, loaded a SACD and ran ISO2DSD on the Mac using "Server Input". Seems to extract slightly slower than my PS3, 2.2MB/sec vs 2.6MB/sec. But who cares, it's extracting :-)
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