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RME Pci soundcards

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Hello to all!


I'm a fan of computers audio the last years and I listen to my music using Personal Computers as my source or transport.


Lately I've build a silent pc with WX operation system having used my favourite Asua Xonar Essence ST with some changes in the opamp iv and buffer section. I'm quite satisfied with result and I was wondering what kind of a result I would have in case I'd have tried an RME pci or pcie sound card.


Has anybody had one or an experience using an RME sound card?


I'm talking about listening to music from a High Fidelity sustem and not from headphones.


The essence st is a great card. Would it worth the cost of an RME soundcard in terms of audio upgrade in comparison with the asus xonar essence st?


Thanks in advance.

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The only pcie card I use and can comment on its the RME HDSPE AIO 2 channel card.


The sound is quite clean and dynamic, low noise, xlr digital output to DAC or coaxial rca. The mixer application is a steep learning curve though.

Since the output is mixed I don't know how much the signal is truncated or distorted. Keep the levels around the -6dB and no overloads or distortion is audible.


You need a DAC to connect for optimum quality, although there's analogue rca outputs. At least the levels are software adjustable the lynx e22 has on-board trimmers, so maybe this is an alternative, however fiddling with a screwdriver to a 2mm screw on a live machine is not for me.

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