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Axpona 2016

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Returned from Axpona last weekend but first now have time to list some interesting things that I saw. First off was the MBL Xtreme speaker setup at 263K just for the speakers with amps and associated gear well north of 500K. Axpona has an after hours tape night and I sat adjacent to the center sweet spot. The whole thing sounded magnificent although for me a little bright. The sound stage was large and deep like you can only imagine. There was a guy there from Washington DC that was part of the setup crew and he said that this is only the second time that this speaker system has been displayed in the US.


The seminars did not seem as good as last time. There was one that was explaining how cables did not make any difference using AQ as his whipping post. It was supposed to be about digital music but actually was on cables. I ended up walking out after about 1/2 hour as to me cables do make a difference. For the doubters just sit through the Nordost cable demo.


This year I had more time to just listen and see more rooms. One room was on my floor the 12th and they had a setup with Focal and Pass Labs I was not impressed. Lots of equipment and heat. The room I was very much impressed with was the Martin Logan room showing their new Renaissance speaker with McIntosh mono amps. That sounded so good. Very life like and wide sound stage. The room this year was shared with another setup on the other end of the room but only one played at a time. Last year ML showed the new at the time Neolith in a standard room which was much to small. This room fit much better. Bricasti room had some upgraded SE M1's, their gold model and their new M12 analog/Digital. Also they had a all black with polished aluminum knobs I think I may have that done to mine. Brian's room sounded very good also as well as Doug Williams Tidal room. Aurender had their new A10 there to see but did not get a chance to hear it.


There was tons of vinyl for between tables, stylus, LP's etc. Also just like last year a whole room for head phones. They also had a new product section but did not get to that as there were lots of rooms to see and so little time.

2 Channel: Bricasti M20, 21 & M28 SE /Aurender N30SA and MC10 Master clock Treatments: Acoustical panels(F, S & R walls) Misc.: SR Master Fuses

Speakers: Martin Logan CLX ART (Dark Cherry) w/30# weights / 2-ML 212's 

Grounding: QKore 1&6 / Networking: SOtM switch, clock and Pwr Supply / AQ Diamond /SR Router Power: Furutech GTX-DNCF / Oyaide inwall  wire

Nordost: 2-QB8 III, QV2's, QK1's, QSine, QWave, QX4, TC Kones, Sort Fut & LIft / Full OG Loom / 3-QSource & 12-QPoints, QNet, V2 Network

Misc.: iPad 6 /Custom Rack  Media Rm: ML: 13A's, 2-Descent i's, 6- Vanquish, Focus / 3-Parasound A23 / Legacy iV-3 Ultra / 77" LG 4k OLED / Anthem AVM90 / Pioneer Elite DVD Nordost: Odin/T2/H2, BC Kones, H2 Network, V2 HDMI

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