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  1. @Ponzi great when that happens. I have Luxman valve pre and power amps with the N100H and while it is hard to be objective I'd definitely say the sound has stepped up a notch or two over time - I would have to put this down to the valves bedding in because my Luxman kit was introduced new and the rest of my system components, including speakers were well run in. My Luxman kit is a joy to listen to and their component matching is second to none. I bet yours sounds amazing; enjoy! PS you have inspired me to play a little Chopin later on
  2. Turned N100H on today and ... no music. So, back to the drawing board and I hope to get some sort of reply from Aurender soon. Trying everything, including swapping out the DAC to see if that is the issue. Frustrating.
  3. Sorted: but I have no idea what was causing the problem. Was trying to set up an alternative DAC, disconnected input cables and other cables and out of the blue sound signal started passing through the system. Bizarre. This is our hobby I guess
  4. didn't solve the issue; will have to test everything...
  5. Ok I’ll do that and try tomorrow thanks
  6. just updated the software on N100H: when it restarted, no sound. Conductor app is connected and screen on unit shows music is steaming. It was playing fine before the update, but to make sure I have checked all cables, checked mute buttons, restarted the unit several times but still no sound. I have sent an email to Aurender, but very strange and if anyone has any similar issues with the update let me know.
  7. Well they have in the UK, not sure about the US. Checked this morning and Qobuz is back up on the App. Strange.
  8. After the latest Aurender update I can’t access Qobuz - has support been discontinued?
  9. Great post, couldn't have put it better myself.
  10. Just realised it hadn’t even though it should automatically on my iPad - got it now.
  11. Just updated but not showing MQA option; presumably not available in UK?
  12. Just for the record the latest update added radio stations in the U.K. which Is nice...and makes me feel like we still matter on our small island, despite Brexit. Thanks Aurender
  13. Seems like there is nothing new for the UK*; not sure of the point to this upgrade? I'll check on the website... *could of course be to do with the fact we have relegated ourselves to being a third world island nation
  14. I had an issue where the Aurender lost IP address and I had no end of problems trying to get the router to pick it up. In the end I turned everything off and I mean everything. I updated the router software and I factory reset the Netgear powerlines. I then turned everything back on starting with the ISP router and finally the PC and NAS drives. I finally power cycled the Aurender. Once I had the Aurender back connected and could find it on the PC I then mapped it onto a new network drive.
  15. Hi can you see the Aurender when you try to map it?
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