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  1. How can I get a copy of this to have and to print future reference?
  2. The Aurender is a purposely built server tweaked to the max. Also customer service is top notch and with a live person if required. To me its a no brainer.
  3. I read TAS article where the reviewer was all giddy about upsampling. He was using a Berekley Alpha DAC I believe and I'm using a Bricasti M21 that does internal upsampling. I heard no such benefit when I listened maybe certain DAC's you will. What I did notice is the 2dB change in volume which I was not sure what to make of it as some manipulation was being done for that to happen but not sure that was good. On the other hand Aurender does things very well so I had confidence that the 2dB effect was not an issue. Anyway long story short I don't upsample any more. What he should of comme
  4. You know it’s the little things like the black box. Love my W20SE
  5. Guys Vincent1234 and Marslo maybe I can be of some help. I got one of the first black N10's strictly because it have multiple outputs beyond USB. I however did try some USB as my dealer insisted for me to try his very high quality cables that he had. I then tried an average XLR and heard really no difference. I then went out and purchased a very high end XLR and could immediately hear a nice increase of SQ. I know some DAC's are only USB and also some DAC's sound better with USB mine is neither it likes the XLR connection. Also if you note in the latest W20SE update they tweak
  6. I’ve been with Aurender for a long time and their app has developed nicely. They do take suggestions and implement them and have all along. My DAC can be a Roon endpoint but choose not too. I tried Roon and just seemed complicated and also total lack of customer support. When I tested with my N10 the sound quality was hit and miss now with the W20SE it’s glorious
  7. Ponzi I agree totally with your assessment of the W20SE. I too started with the N10 and loved that unit then moved on the W20 and now the W20SE. Both large steps up from the N10 each time. I've more recently been listening to it in the Critical Listening mode and find that that adds just a bit more resolution. However I did try the upscaling that the reviewer in TAS did and rave about but did not hear much difference so I'm back to no upscaling. Be interested in hearing your comments on these options. As far as the Conductor app I agree with merge03 and some others its designe
  8. I found obviously with streaming the network cable does infact make a difference. Tried Nordost H2 then AQ vodka definitely heard a difference then moved up to AQ Diamond that was even more. Also another thing to try is a better quality switch like SoTm it also made a nice improvement
  9. I’m not by the app right now but in one of the options you can select to save playlist. It then stores it on the Aurender. I always make a copy of that. Also note it only saves the last copy also.
  10. Back up is great but don’t forget to save your playlists regularly also
  11. Yes I had a S10 that my dealer let me use until I could get my N10 originally. In its day it was certainly something that was leaning forward. No problems with the USB part to each his own. I also originally looked at the Lampizator DAC a few years back and almost got one but at the time they could not play DSD, PCM etc. in one playlist. It's probably fixed by now but I always liked that DAC concept that they had and it certainly looks cool. But getting back to the W20SE I would highly recommend it to purchase or if you can get a trail but I can't see how you would be disappoi
  12. I use the XLR cable not a big believer in USB but I know not all share that opinion. I think if anybody can do USB right its Aurender so if that is how you want to go give it a try. I did early on with the N10 compared the USB to XLR and preferred the XLR so never looked back. Also I just use the W20SE as the server. Aurender has a program for a NAS that works well and have used it with my N10 but not with the W20SE the 4TB is plenty. My intention with the digital was to download more hi-rez files but I got hooked on streaming and really have only downloaded like 2 albums to date. With t
  13. Yes its the same thing. I see on the web site they say Extreme mode but on the app I believe it says critical listening mode. My system has been down for about three weeks with an upgrade from the Bricasti M12 to the M21 and the M28 amps to the M28SE so just got it fired up last night so my memory of the mode is not the best however what I said is true indeed.
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