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Quick question: for power line Ethernet, how many Mbps?

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For audio 200 mbps is more than enough. 4K video needs 25-30 mbps, audio = much, much less.


If you are looking to transfer files, sync a NAS, do backups, etc. then obviously gigabit and more.

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When you get the NAS just copy over all of your files initially using a small gigabit Ethernet hub. Then for incremental file syncing you can do it over Powerline. I have a program called file sync Pro which syncs my iTunes library files with another folder on my NAS drive. And this is done over Powerline and I don't really notice how long it takes since it just happens in the background. And if you ever need to copy a large amount of data quickly just move the NAS temporarily over to a Gigabit Hub next to your computer to do it manually.

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My Bluesound Pulse Mini's are connected to my home network using Netgear Powerline 500's and I have never had a single drop out while playing music from my NAS. In fact my Bluesound Node 2 actually goes through a Powerline and MOCA connection to access the NAS drive and it never drops out. I'm using the Netgear MOCA adapters. I was using Actionteck but there was some sort of weird sync issue on the RF side with the Actiontek boxes so I replaced them with Netgear MoCA adapters that have never had a problem.

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