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Almost silent music server - best way to do this?

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Hi folks, a quick question regarding the music server part of my setup;


The server will be a PC running Mediamonkey. I am currently learning towards a laptop.


Are there any benefits of using a desktop style PC with monitor over a laptop? I like the unobtrusiveness of the laptop, and already have 2 screens in the listening room so would like to avoid another.


Also, any suggestions on the quietest laptop to go for, which I can spec? I would like a reasonably large screen to browse the music.


I understand that it is important to have a lot of memory. The music itself will be stored on a NAS connected via ethernet cable to the laptop, with a firewire cable connected an external DAC to the laptop. What is the best processor to go for? The laptop will be dedicated to only Mediamonkey playing FLAC; I guess quad-core would be an overkill.


Many thanks




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