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Qobuz in USA = piracy?

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I signed sucessfully to Qobuz from my home.. I installed the free Tunnelbear (TB) VPN, I connected to TB.. I choose a server in England.. Then I when to Qobuz..(I got the english version) Created an account.. login name, email, and password. I signed for the monthly Hi-Fi with the 15 days free trial.. I choose to pay using paypal.. I clicked pay with paypal, my PP account opened.. Qobuz assume that the email you signed is the email in PP.. in my case this is different.. soo I just typed my email for PP and finished the transaction. Sucesss!


Opened Audirvana+ and connected to Qobuz.. exploring their music catalog now..





I recently succeeded this way, too. Exactly. In past efforts, eg when I vpnd into France they detected it.



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