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  1. 🙄, Perhaps a feature request.
  2. Anyone know If A+ can up sample albums at different rates for each album?
  3. Answer my own question, Shanti works fine with Ras Pi 4 + Digione Sig.
  4. Found the problem. Had Logitech Media Server running while attempting to run A+. Answer: Catalina Sys Prefs turn off LMS. A+ runs fine.
  5. MMMMM, now it's working. Have no clue as to what happened. Suddenly just started playing over network fine. Never seen this behavior before😓
  6. A+ vers.3.5.38 running in Catalina running fine until today. have attached a screen capture of the error. Have rebooted Main router as well as the Macbook pro (Catalina ver.10.15.1). Can play to Macbook, but not over network. A+ running in Bootcamp Windows 10 Home plays over the same network perfectly. Debug states UPnP not started???
  7. Has Qobuz paid the certification fee for DNLA?. link:https://spirespark.com/dlna/certification-pricing
  8. FWIW, new Rasberry Pi 4 8GB mem 64bit os just released. Backordered everyware🥵
  9. Am happily running Digione Sig on a Rasberry Pi 4 1GB mem. Any chance the Digione will run on the new Rasberry Pi 4 8GB 64bit model?. Hope Allo can locate a 8GB model for testing. SOOON.
  10. Using a Allo Digione Sig with a RPi 4 1 gig via spdif coax to a RME ADI 2 V2 through a Monoprice THX amp. No dropouts. HD650 cans sound great. Input from web radio Ethernet or usb from Audirvana + MacBook Pro.
  11. LightDims from Amazon. What I use.
  12. A case is available for the Digione Signature running a Rasberry Pi 4. 1Gig MEM. LINK:https://allo.com/sparky/acrylic-case-rpi-digione-signature.html
  13. bobfa, just ordered a Shanti from: https://www.pishop.us/ fyi
  14. Just ordered a Shanti from this USA site:https://www.pishop.us/
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