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  1. Is Shanti available in the US yet?.
  2. How was the Shanti packaged?. Hope you can get a replacement. ALLO NOT off to a good start with this new product. I'll be watching to see how this is handled by ALLO.
  3. Audirvana 3.5.15 cuts off tracks 7-10 seconds from the end. Running on a Macbook Pro Mohave 10.14.5. Audirvana ver 3.2.16 works fine same setup. Only difference is the version.
  4. Is there a User Guide for the Windows version?. If so, where can it be downloaded?
  5. I'll give YATE a try, thx.
  6. Been ripping some new cds onto a Synology 216+. One cd, seems to have the Artist name burned onto the disk, as I cannot delete the name in Audirvana 3.5.15. So, the result is the disk, which is number 5 out of 22 does not appear with the rest of the works in the library view. Not sure If permanently burning an artists name onto a cd is possible??
  7. Is this to be released soon?. How about a price estimate? Would it work on a Rasberry Pi 4 with Digione Signature? Hope to hear more soon.😂
  8. have u tried here:https://forum.volumio.org/
  9. Is the Digione Signature compatible with the new Pi 4?
  10. Have a issue with a ALLO Digione Signature. How does one post new topics in a the ALLO club?
  11. Ken, yes Audirvana does run. Just cannot figure why the file generation?. THX
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