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  1. Have a issue with a ALLO Digione Signature. How does one post new topics in a the ALLO club?
  2. Ken, yes Audirvana does run. Just cannot figure why the file generation?. THX
  3. Windows Ver.1.3.7. When launched, a minidump file is being generated. What is causing this behavior?
  4. Am wondering about the USA warrenty period. The distributor claims 2years. Anyone in the US have warranty information. Would be much appreciated.
  5. Digital Audio Players that can stream Qobuz. Has this article on the You and Qobuz site been updated? link: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/info/qobuz-vous/digital-audio-players-and-qobuz179511
  6. Using Sennheiser ie 800 s . Have been listening from a Samsung S7 or a Apple Ipad Pro. How to upgrade the source? amp/dac or dac only? Am looking at the Sony TA-ZH1ES (has a remote!!) or the Sennheise HDV820. OR?????. listen to classical and 70s through 80s rock, and have a Qobuz acct. Any suggestions? PS: pls no Schiidt. thx
  7. Chris, how about breaking the Headphone-Speaker section into separate groups. One foe Speakers and one for Headphone/IEMs.?
  8. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/teac-nt-505-functional-review Not IMHO a glowing review. Glad you like yours.
  9. Peter, as to a streaming headphone amp, I since have found that TEAC s NT505 does streaming. however, gets meh reviews. Fiber optics lan port would set LUMIN way out in front of any competition IMHO. Have a good day.
  10. I.m looking for a headphone dac/amp. Why are most still using USB 2.0 "B" connectors on the USB input?. i ask as It seems the USB 2.0 "B" cable are getting kind of scarce. Is USB 3.0 not as good or better? (not trying to start any long discusions here)
  11. Peter, yup, not quite an APP. More of a converter. I'm aware that you cannot disclose Lumins future plans, But, haw about a dedicated Network Headphone amp???.
  12. Thank you for the link as well as the explanation.
  13. Any idea how much longer Qobuz customers will have to wait for the Qobuz app as well as the web page DNLA/UPnP BETA to be finished and working?. Very annoying to have to use an app such as A+ to listen to music THEN have to switch to the above to purchase the music after paying for the service. Cmon guys, get this going.
  14. Sorry, yes Minumstreamer is what I meant. Thank you Richard
  15. Just found Minumstream app. Can this be used with a D2?
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