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  1. Thanks @Cebolla. Can you speculate on why randomly, within a Second or two of starting a new track in Audirvana, I get loud high frequency static. Say 2-3 times a day. Could it be a buffering issue or something I might control? I’ve googled it, and not found much of use. I do worry about tweeters when I’m playing music at decent volumes. I’m not a technical computer user. Thanks again.
  2. Help appreciated trouble shooting this please, @damien78 It’s going to blow out my tweeters if this continues. Occurs usually toward beginning of track after the player has been open and working a while. Am controlling via the iOS app. Why do I think it’s Audirvana’s fault? It doesn’t ever happen with e.g. mconnect, which also rune DNLA to my microRendu. Happens too often to ignore, and as said, threatens my speakers. Gig fiber and solid Wi-Fi => MBP => Qobuz via Audirvana => Ethernet wired microR => Exogal Comet DAC, etc. Asked once before for help, but received a guess or two from users. I like the program a lot, but will need to dump if this continues.
  3. 1 user. 81 hours over 27 days. Bouts of insomnia and a vast range of whiskies. Sounded terrible with Kessler's. But seriously: Perhaps I didn't give it enough time, but I'm nonetheless happy to pass on to someone who can appreciate it! Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Thanks. What’s your sample set? I’ve come to think many fluctuations we audiophiles hear are functions of things like a good nights sleep or the quality of bourbon we drink. 😈 MMDV: It was never even close to unlistenable for me. This is substantial wire with a unique insulator and well worth a try for those fine tuning their speaker cables.
  5. I have a low power tube amp and efficient speakers too. Am really the wrong guy to ask. Inherently skeptical about wire claims, esp directionality, burn-in. But more to the point, my ears are not that discerning and my room sucks. And I just don't have the patience to A/B wire endlessly. Would rather save my money for component upgrades. YMMV.
  6. Just want to be clear that I'm selling strictly by the meter for each "strand" or cable of wire (but not each strand within wire
  7. I purchased 20 meters of Duelund 12 awg (DCA12GA) Tin Plate Copper Hookup Wire on the 2 of March from Parts Connection to try out. There has been a buzz about this wire and its 16 AWG cousin. I've had a listen and neither my old ears nor less than optimal room acoustics enable me to defend keeping it. YMMV. This wire came in a single piece of 20 meters. I turned it into a set of pairs. Here is what I have (they shorted me slightly): 1. Two pieces (1 pair) of 6 meters = about 20 ft. 2. Two pieces (1 pair) of 3.8 meters = 12.5 ft. I paid 17.95/meter plus $23 in shipping from Canada. I'm asking $13/meter and will cover PayPal and US priority or equivalent to CONUS. Will sell together or separately. Keep in mind you'll need to cut 1) or 2) in half to get four pieces (a complete stereo set)!
  8. I never intended to go down this rabbit hole, indeed I thought the comment absurd at first, but I optimized by purchasing an LTA z10 integrated tube amp. LTA has partnered with Spatial at shows. The result is crazy good in my small room. That’s my unofficial and brief interim report. Call Clayton Shaw about your room size and needs and he’ll give you sound advice. And then call Nicholas at LTA, who will send you an amp for two week trial. It’s a work of art with a great phono stage and headphone output. This is my last amp—full stop. I can well image buying even better speakers in the future, but they are very likely to be Spatials, given the great experience with Clayton and the end result.
  9. Sorry, I’ve had to travel for a few weeks and am behind on my critical listening. Will try to report back when I have a better sense if things, but keep in mind I’m not the kind of audiophile who has gone through 20 sets of speakers and amp combos, can tell you how speaker wire x sounds, etc. Not even sure my vocabulary is up to snuff for this crowd. So my feedback would be of limited value. If you are interested in Spatial, I do suggest calling Clayton Shaw. He’s a gem and a straight shooter in my experience.
  10. One week in. They are a dominating presence size-wise in a 12 by 12 space, which is fine if it’s your dedicated listening room. They are quite beautiful and the build quality is top notch. They are, finally, 75lbs each, which is why they arrive via freight and on a pallet. But how do they sound? At first, not so great. But the owner of Spatial and Spatial customers strongly recommend 1-2 hundred hours before taking serious measure of their performance. I’m at about 100 hrs and they are, indeed, coming to life. Still too early to say for sure if they are keepers. I will return them if I don’t like the sound (and eat the freight.) But I think I’m just starting to hear what people rave about. One plus: they are so revealing of details and dynamics that I can happily listen in my small room at much lower volumes. Which is good for my hearing in the long run. And the cliche that I’m hearing things for the first time is true in this case. I may be on my way to speaker happiness in this small room. Sorry I can’t help you with the Magnepan comparison . . .
  11. My room is about the size of yours. Delivery scheduled currently for Thursday, but am ready for delay with the holiday. Will report back.
  12. Thanks much! My desktop Kazoo is also not working. Glad to hear it’s not just me messing things up. I can’t find the HD version of Mconnect player for iOS at the App Store. maybe they dropped the “HD” in the name? or am I missing something?
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