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  1. There are but two women at this website willing to speak up: Teresa and one Wendysire. I know, ‘cause I once asked (“Calling all Women!”), then some guys got creepy and Chris shut the thread down, probably wisely. The thread was surely a highpoint of CA in 2018 . . . We also learned that some men select avatars that reflect their wildest romantic dreams. As for Wendy, she had spunk and could dish it back with good humor. I think she’s gone, alas. It’s up to you Teresa.
  2. I keep doubting my investment in equipment thanks to so many crappy recordings on the market. I wonder if it’s my speakers, my amp, my LPS, etc. Then I put on a well engineered recording in 16/44 and realize it’s not my equipment’s or the format’s fault at all . . . There should be two threads added to CA so that we can all take a reality check: Albums That Are Absolutely Stellar SQ-wise (hopefully it’s also good music) and Decent Music Unfortunately Recorded Like Crap. At minimum these extremes would give relative newbies like me the ability to understand what digital audio is cabable of, and how no investment in the hobby can fix a bad recording.
  3. @Ajax best wishes on a speedy recovery. Hip replacements are very successful these days, but a double is no doubt a major challenge. Moved the Yamahas into a corner of our living space and my wife mentioned to me today just how good they sound. That’s unusual. I’ll resist the sub until it goes on close out! Thx again and I hope you’re home soon.
  4. sockpit

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Qobuz has a very fine iOS app, spectacular interface. What it lacks currently is DNLA capability to send to my uRendu or similar device. Desktop app has struggled mightily with a beta version. We seem to be a long way from that development within the iOS app. So one either uses Airplay or ends up on Linn Kazoo or Lumin app. I’m with you on Roon. The Qobuz app is nearly as informative and even more intuitive imho.
  5. Thanks much, guys. Keep ‘em coming, and please point me to the best PSB around 300 . . .
  6. Thank you. Can you pass the model number on to me, please.
  7. Budget: $300 Parameters: Noise-cancelling with Bluetooth if possible or without it (if there are no good bluetooth headphones) I know nothing of the headphone world. These are for the college-age kid of a friend. They obviously can't be top shelf, audiophile headphones, but I can imagine there might be some very highly regarded values in this price range with such specs. Thanks,
  8. Hi @beerandmusic Go to sub first from what? You see, with these speakers everything (DAC, amps, wifi receiver) are packed into the two speakers. That’s what qualifies them as an “all-in-one” solution . . . These aren’t merely powered speakers; they’re the whole shebang!
  9. This would do the trick, if I wanted to invest further in this little system. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/speaker_systems/musiccast_sub_100/index.html
  10. Musicast is a very intuitive and reliable app so far. Way more than I need with this single Yamaha pair. Meant for multi room stuff, not my cup of tea. With no line out I don’t know how I could manage a sub, although they seem to do Bluetooth out, and for all I know Yamaha or someone else sells a decent compatible little sub that could work in the right environment. I’ve put them in my great room or a while to test out the wife factor. Sound is a bit thin for the room size, however I can pull a chair up near field and they sound great with very little room interaction issues. I imagine they are best in a study or at the office. But that’s where my better system is right now. Could swap, but everyone is happier when I listen in my study with door closed.
  11. After a few hours playing around: They are 1) very well-built; 2) incredibly flexible (if they had a sub out, I'd consider them as a very high quality rig for a small room or office; 3) once connection is made, they work flawlessly through Quobuz or Spotify (and my wife can stream Spotify Connect from her phone); most importantly, they sound fantastic at 1/27th the price of my big rig, which is quite modest itself in the scheme of audiophildom. Especially near field, in a small space, one wonders if it's worth 27 time the price and all the boxes (LPS's, DAC, Amp, etc etc). Oh, and the internet radio feature let's me tune into Bayern 3 in seconds to keep my German going. I haven't tried streaming Qobuz via a uRendu and LPS-1 plugged into the USB, but I imagine that would be the ultimate test next to my big rig. I did compare them side-by-side at midnight streaming Qobuz, and my big rig won out (thank goodness) for richness and low-end (no surprise). But in some respects the Yamaha's really shine in the mids and highs, and I noticed things I hadn't on the big rig! In the end, they are sufficiently different in their presentation as to not warrant such comparisons. But I tend to buy and keep gear forever so I couldn't resist seeing how close the Yamaha's might get. Anyway, am very pleased with this steal of a deal. Accessories4less has order the missing antenna too. Cheers.
  12. Cancel that @Ajax, I got them running, updated, plus MusicCast working. These are brilliant. It’s too early to judge sound carefully , but they do sound very good for $350 USD thanks again for the great tip!
  13. @Ajax Indeed, having some difficulty. The unit shipped without the antenna. I went out and bought one—a 2.4Ghz one anyway. I connected everything , following manual carefully, but all I get is a blinking orange light, which the manual says indicates the right speaker isn’t hooked up, but it is. The remote doesn’t seem to turn them on or get past flashing Amber. so far, I’m stuck.
  14. sockpit

    Faith-Based Sound Issue..

    I’d convert to Anglicanism. You can at least reason with clergy in the dying mainline denominations, and they have an appropriate sense of decorum in the sanctuary . . . ? Or simply turn to the Japanese professionals in worship environments! Go figure. https://usa.yamaha.com/support/how/index.html
  15. sockpit

    Faith-Based Sound Issue..

    I’d convert to Anglicanism. You can at least reason with clergy in the dying mainline denominations, and they have an appropriate sense of decorum in the sanctuary . . . ?