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  1. I see. I have a small Topaz IT myself. But I've never been that concerned to put my subwoofer on it. It's in the other corner of the room and connected to a completely different outlet/line from the sensitive equipment in my system. (And it's probably a power hog, relatively speaking.) No hum, in any case. Theoretically, I suppose it could be degrading something, but I rather doubt it. I've tried plugging only my DAC and LPS 1.2 into the Topaz, and then adding my amp. Can't hear any difference. Might just be my middle age ears or my system isn't transparent enough. I like the Topaz for providing some surge protection and a theoretically cleaner line, but at least in my system the differences, if any, are too subtle to matter. Personally, I wouldn't worry about adding a box between a new REL and your amp on the merely theoretical chance of a problem.
  2. Do you have hum? I’ve had a REL for years and used both line level and the preferred speakon cable. Both work flawlessly.
  3. I am. Not sure I’ll pull the trigger, but I have their Comet and Ion, and am interested in the next step.
  4. If you like Bonnie Raitt or Delta blues, this is a find. And the SQ is very good for 1972. https://www.google.com/search?q=bonnie+raitt+lost+broadcast&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  5. I can take a crack at this. Mine powers a microRendu 1.4. I just replaced my LPS 1 with a 1.2. It’s better. Cleaner. I didn’t think it could get much better. It just is. Thanks Alex. Whether it’s worth your money, you’ll need to decide . . .
  6. Here’s one: clean the wax out of your ears occasionally. Drug store has a kit of solution and a little bulb for flushing. Follow the instructions and don’t overdo it. It can be as good as a new LPS. No kidding.
  7. Thanks much. Indeed I do! Ok I’m not too computer savvy— and still not out of the woods. The bug in the feature?: when I close Audirvana completely and try Spotlight and Apple mail searches, they don’t work. It seems to have knocked these features out completely. Again I’m certain this is Audirvanas doing because I resumed using the other day after months hiatus (precisely because of this glitch),and the problem returned on cue. I've tried to reindex my spotlight, but that’s not working. This has happened to me before and each time I’ve eventually fixed it. But have forgotten how this time 😢 Hard to live these days without being able to search one’s email!
  8. . . . ability to search in Apple mail or spotlight. No doubt about it. Whenever I use Audirvana (latest update), it totally knocks out my ability to search in spotlight, but worse, Apple mail. A pain in the ass to get working again. And if I open Audirvana, say cause I wanna listen, it happens again. El Cap on a MacBook Pro. Advise or help appreciated It drives me into the arms of Kazoo . . . @damien78 any other reports of this?
  9. Thanks much. I own it too. Am bent on simplicity and just want things to work. Sorry to sound so impatient. First world problem, for sure.
  10. Same goes for the Yamaha Musicast enabled powered speakers I own. They do Napster, Deezer, Spotify, Sirius, Tidal, and Pandora. Why is Qobuz apparently so far behind this curve at this relatively late point in the evolution of these services? Not simply complaining; genuinely seeking a lay explanation.
  11. That was indeed the gist of my question. First, why Sonore has not been able to connect directly to the Qobuz app (beyond their 16/44 airplay simulator) via Qobuz Connect? Second why the Qobuz app cannot work with the DNLA/MPD output of sonicorbiter. Third, why I’m getting the sense, talking to the CEO of my DAC manufacturer, a company with a streamer in development and who would like to have Qobuz play nicely with them, that Qobuz is not easy to work with in terms of getting their Connect or DNLA capability to work. I’m a big fan of Qobuz, but it’s connectivity needs to rival Spotify’s soon if it wants to gain market share. I say this as someone with no technical chops and a strong desire to connect hirez directly from Qobuz app to my microRendu. How hard can it be fellas? 😈😉 Paging @vortecjr who is a man of few words, and wise as a fox as well as @David Craff.
  12. When is Qobuz going to work with the Jesus, aka @vortecjr, at Sonore to solve a “simple” problem: making it possible to use Qobuz Connect feature of the excellent iOS Qobuz app to communicate directly and in full hirez capability with Sonore’s sonicorbiter software. The natives are getting restless. I want to dump Kazoo (Lumin, too), Roon is a waste of cash, since I have no large library to handle, and the Qobuz app rocks. So why can’t it become compatible with Sonore Rendu products and make for more happy customers of both companies? That’s not a rhetorical question. Is there a technical or legal barrier prohibiting such obvious cooperation? Please explain, @David Craff Thx.
  13. “I have a hard time understanding why I paid $100 for this “treatment.” Same reason you paid $120 for the special fuse, I suppose. (I love my mR and the guys at Sonore, but just couldn’t resist 😈)
  14. Yep. Larry is truly excellent.
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