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  1. I’m reposting this, not that I expect Sonore to attend to it, but because I thought some Rendu/sonicorbiter user on this site could point me to SOME thread somewhere addressing the issue of the viability of the Spotify Connect output on Sonicorbitor 2.8. Why is this important? If and when Spotify goes high quality, I’d like to be able to use that output and send signal directly to my mRendu. I imagine many other Rendu owners will, too.
  2. Sounds terrific on my system. Holy cow. I like jazz, esp bass, and McBride is familiar territory for me.
  3. Given spotify has announced that it will offer cd quality in select markets, can we have an update on the success and or limits of the spotify connect feature in Sonicorbiter? Last time I tried it, it either didn’t work at all, or it was acting strangely. Would be terrific to get it working as seamlessly as other inputs! thank you.
  4. Thanks for this. Lacking a rating on the LTA, can I make a guess based in Kilo-Watt readings? What would the sign or danger be if I were to overtax my little Topaz. Finally, I recall reading John Swenson saying there are advantages to having everything plugged into it. Do you know what that’s about? I have a different wall outlet available, but like the fact that topaz serves as a surge protector of sorts.
  5. “Unbearable” above was brought to you by autocorrect. It should read “undiscernable”! The transformers hum increases a bit with amp plugged in and powered up.
  6. I own a small 500VA Topaz isolation transformer and am wondering how many of my components I can plug into it. I am not an electrical engineer. My DAC an Exogal Comet probably uses very few watts, perhaps 30 or so max. My amp is an LTA Z10 integrated. It's a tube amp that produces only 12 watts. I've put a Killo-Watt on it and when its playing loudly it burn 90 watts. It seems to me the 500VA Topaz should be able to handle both. Am I looking at this correctly? When I plug them both into the Topaz its nearly unbearable 60 hz. hum get a bit loud
  7. Thanks @Cebolla. Can you speculate on why randomly, within a Second or two of starting a new track in Audirvana, I get loud high frequency static. Say 2-3 times a day. Could it be a buffering issue or something I might control? I’ve googled it, and not found much of use. I do worry about tweeters when I’m playing music at decent volumes. I’m not a technical computer user. Thanks again.
  8. Help appreciated trouble shooting this please, @damien78 It’s going to blow out my tweeters if this continues. Occurs usually toward beginning of track after the player has been open and working a while. Am controlling via the iOS app. Why do I think it’s Audirvana’s fault? It doesn’t ever happen with e.g. mconnect, which also rune DNLA to my microRendu. Happens too often to ignore, and as said, threatens my speakers. Gig fiber and solid Wi-Fi => MBP => Qobuz via Audirvana => Ethernet wired microR => Exogal Comet DAC, etc.
  9. 1 user. 81 hours over 27 days. Bouts of insomnia and a vast range of whiskies. Sounded terrible with Kessler's. But seriously: Perhaps I didn't give it enough time, but I'm nonetheless happy to pass on to someone who can appreciate it! Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Thanks. What’s your sample set? I’ve come to think many fluctuations we audiophiles hear are functions of things like a good nights sleep or the quality of bourbon we drink. 😈 MMDV: It was never even close to unlistenable for me. This is substantial wire with a unique insulator and well worth a try for those fine tuning their speaker cables.
  11. I have a low power tube amp and efficient speakers too. Am really the wrong guy to ask. Inherently skeptical about wire claims, esp directionality, burn-in. But more to the point, my ears are not that discerning and my room sucks. And I just don't have the patience to A/B wire endlessly. Would rather save my money for component upgrades. YMMV.
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