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  1. One week in. They are a dominating presence size-wise in a 12 by 12 space, which is fine if it’s your dedicated listening room. They are quite beautiful and the build quality is top notch. They are, finally, 75lbs each, which is why they arrive via freight and on a pallet. But how do they sound? At first, not so great. But the owner of Spatial and Spatial customers strongly recommend 1-2 hundred hours before taking serious measure of their performance. I’m at about 100 hrs and they are, indeed, coming to life. Still too early to say for sure if they are keepers. I will return them if I don’t like the sound (and eat the freight.) But I think I’m just starting to hear what people rave about. One plus: they are so revealing of details and dynamics that I can happily listen in my small room at much lower volumes. Which is good for my hearing in the long run. And the cliche that I’m hearing things for the first time is true in this case. I may be on my way to speaker happiness in this small room. Sorry I can’t help you with the Magnepan comparison . . .
  2. My room is about the size of yours. Delivery scheduled currently for Thursday, but am ready for delay with the holiday. Will report back.
  3. Thanks much! My desktop Kazoo is also not working. Glad to hear it’s not just me messing things up. I can’t find the HD version of Mconnect player for iOS at the App Store. maybe they dropped the “HD” in the name? or am I missing something?
  4. Thanks. I think I’ll leave Kazoo behind. audirvana just gets better and apps like mconnect will work as a backup in a pinch. and someday I might just splurge for Roon if they sty in business.
  5. Downloaded the free MConnect app to my iPhone. Logged in without a hitch. Playing right now. Any limitations to this app? Is it at least as good as Kazoo in paid version? Does it do qobuz and local HD, 24 bit, 192 files, etc? Thanks!
  6. I use Audirvana via DNLA and it works just fine. But I don't have technical know-how to know it that tells you anything. Will look into MConnect.
  7. I'm no longer able to log in to Qobuz in the Kazoo app (neither the iPad app or the desktop app). I have a US qobuz subscription and a microRendu with latest sonicorbitor running on it. I'm running the latest version of Kazoo from Linn. It's supposed to work; it used to work. Here is what happens: When I type my username and password into the qobuz login screen within the Kazoo app on my computer it just spins and "blinks" about ever 3-5 seconds, but never really logs in. When I try the same on my iPad, it tries to make contact and then returns to a blank login screen repeatedly. I am sure I am using the correct password, because it works fine for logging directly into qobuz website and qobuz app. It's difficult to know where the issue is: Sonore? Linn? Qobuz, so I'm posting here in case it's a known issue to the kind folks at Qobuz. I have turned to Jesus at Sonore, and he didn't have a solution to suggest. Thanks in advance for any help provided.
  8. Here is one happy, new owner of the M5s. https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=166883.new#new
  9. Not yet. They arrive in one week, alas. Audiocircle has a spatial thread or three with some reports. Am psyched to try them out. Going on raves of others, so high expectations. Clayton Shaw seems like he knows his business and has been fine to work with.
  10. I ordered the M5s for a trial the other day. What the heck, I figure. Ill be out the shipping if they don’t knock it out of ballpark in my small 11 by 13 dedicated listening room. Clayton says they will. Time, probably two weeks to delivery, will tell. Am looking forward to my first OB experience.
  11. Thanks much @rickca! I'll try to look at the buffering progress bar next time it happens. Best.
  12. Sorry if this has been covered. Im getting frequent sudden loud static bursts—music quits, ugly static plays—when using latest Audirvana sent to my microRendu DNLA. I don’t know if this is confined to when I use Qobuz vs my local files, but I play the former more than the latter and it for sure happens when I’m using Qobuz. Just happened twice in short order. Can fix it typically but selecting a different track, but it’s annoying and probably bad for my speakers. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  13. I do. I'm going to trash the program on my Mac and re-download and install, etc., since those favorites aren't showing up. Thanks for the quick reply. Will reach out again, if I continue to have problems. Best and like A (with or without the +) very much! Just hoping I can feel my way around this new remote! BWS
  14. Am struggling with the new remote app on my iPad. Doesn’t recognize my Qobuz favorites at all. (Nor did it ask me if I wanted an upgrade). it shows the grand selection and press awards, but the rest of categories under new releases just spin eternally. the categories under playlists all load stuff (but labels are pretty much unreadable). it all strikes me as rather half-baked and not ready for prime time. Even navigation of local music on my network is far from intuitive. Forgive me if I have not set something up correctly, and if there are posts elsewhere I haven’t poured over. Most importantly: why aren’t my Qobuz favorites showing? thanks.
  15. Just a brief note to say that Qobuz’s @dmackta reached out right away via PM to help me solve this problem. Had to clear my computer’s cache. Thanks Qobuz!
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